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  • My neighbours deal and smoke cannabis everyday , when i play with my one year old grandson in my back garden he must be breathing the cannabis fumes in as you can smell them very strongly , so i will no longer to be able to let him in my garden anymore , i am ok with people taking cannabis for medical reasons but don’t expose your Neighbours or children to it 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Can I get it for mental health paranoid schizophrenia?

  • Also how does this comply with driving as it stands you do weed and 48hrs need to be waited if doing it all the time a month needs waiting to not trigger a test and loose licence

  • so why pump people with opioids for pain or pills for depression like mirtazapine why not give weed and kill 2 birds 1 stone? Not once have I ever had a doc going ye will give you cannabis. going by what your saying this is not through the NHS

  • Does medical canna contain thc?

  • I thought that was what Silk Road was for???

  • So you have to pay clinic for script and pay for your weed?? and the prices are the same as on the streets..whats the point?

  • Yeah all the bud I have ever seen grown in the UK looks like shit

  • What do you mean by need 1 previous prescription? For cannabis or just for lyk pre gablin or diazepam? Something that's prescribed for your condition?

  • I'd love to get this iv got cptsd from my mum an brothers suicide when i was a kid weed made an unbearable situation bearable and is the only thing that really helps me I get bad bouts of insomnia but in the last 4 years it had the police at my door 47 times and they raided my house its pure police scumbags found nothing im not a druggy or anything else iv not had one charge in my life my opinion of the police has been changed so bad they will go after weed because folk can smell it an covids turned half the nation into curtain twitching grasses but every town in Britain has a coke or heroin problem they don't seem to fussed about that but theyl turn up team handed to protect peados if anyone sees this can u please give me a message with more information or a link plz as I'm really struggling mentally

  • Good news. However, it's CBD which won't get you high.

  • I get pukkas for £125 here no need for any internet swag

  • I'm a heavy medical user from America visiting the UK this summer, I am afraid of not being able to get any loud. I reckon I need to be a UK citizen to get the med card?

  • Can you still lose your driving for drug driving if you got a medical card

  • Click bait

  • Soo soo I have a question… if I'm working a job that states no drug use is tolerated I.e bud. And subject to random tests and if found with cannabis in your system your be fired. If you present that your being given it by doctors/health clinics how would that stand. Could I possibly sue them 🤔hmm

  • Best way is to GYO

  • So if u don't pay for perceptions can you get it free on nhs? My drs is 1 month wait for a telephone appointment so what do I ask for ? I can't afford 1000 a month on weed.if I smoked weed every day I would spend easy 1/8th a day to cure back pain and relieve anxiety

  • It should be legal on the whole of UK !

  • 1or 2 previous prescriptions? Is that for cannabis or for something that proves you have the condition you say you do?

  • kids are gonna start injuring themselves to be popular in school now 😂😂

  • Hi ya, was looking at medbud bit of a mind field, what does none irradiated flower mean.a

  • it's just easier to call my man and get it delivered in 5 minutes!!

  • But I just want to get stoned 😱🤪🤣🤣🤣

  • What clinic do you use as I know my nhs gp would not give me anything

  • How are you supposed to get one script if you need one script?….

  • Said all that and the link don't work lol 😅

  • Absolutely shocking should be taken off
    You’re a very very sad person

  • Legal or not I'm always going to smoke it. It's for medical reasons so giving me it on prescription would save me money but that Will never happen.

  • Weed gives some people crazy thoughts and the unstable ones may act on those thoughts plus some people get crazy anxiety and paranoia after consuming weed, that's why the UK will never allow it for the masses.

  • any clinics that only need 2 forms of previous prescriptions

  • its too expensive ,, but its good that we can get this legally now

  • Are you seriously gonna keep ignoring giveaway winners and not give them things they’ve won? You’re a leech fam

  • Why would i want to go and get a license for another man or woman
    No man or woman has the right to choose what is right or wrong for i.
    what i believe is right for i a man to do with my property
    i have goD given rights

  • it costs a fortune

  • I take it your private insurance rather than nhs cause I don’t think an nhs doctor would prescribe that

  • So if I am healthy stoner and want free bud, what do I need to do? 😀

  • No, I haven't watched the video as I was struck for time with something else on but weed is only legal in the UK for people with illnesses and diseases and that covers flower, CBD, oils and probably some form of edibles or other solutions for people who don't smoke or what have you. It's hardly legal is it in the finer sense and you'd still be nicked if you was stood there blowing the smoke in the general direction of a copper from a big fat blunt, you'd be told to put it out at the very least and told to move on. What dispensaries do you lot use in the UK? How many plants do you grow legally in the UK you lot? Well you don't not legally because its still prohibited in this country unless you have something like MS.

  • There is no possible way of actually getting legal weed in the UK illegal regardless of the video I have spoken to a police officer in the UK myself they say that any cannabis is illegal

  • Read, The Truth About Marijuana by Alex Berenson.

  • Cbd flowershop sells cbd buds with low thc trace. if ur using it for anything but getting high then it's perfect for u. I've ordered from them multiple times never failed to arrive as yet. ( I still feel high from it aswell and I've smoked some strong stuff in my time I've just noticed it starting to negatively affect me. Since switching to cbd concentrate I've felt so much better in myself and I'm way more productive than I've ever been smoking normal thc buds). Whatever works for you tho✌️

  • Did you say your surname was Gilchrist? No way that's my surname. No way there's one in Solihull just down the road from me.

  • I have crohns disease. Is this something that could help the pain of my crohns?

  • They are cbd bud it has 0.002 thc

  • Donnie darko tattoo? My fav movie ever

  • I’ve been using cannabis for about 2 years now and I have never felt better! 😊

  • Alcohol is so glorified in UK yet causes the most problems

  • Have you tested EMTs to see if they're what they should be?
    I get EMT1 (20%) but I'm always a bit dubious if it is what it should be.
    I get mine for gastro issues.

  • why tf is this in my recommended 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

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