How To Get A UK Weed Prescription

How To Get A UK Weed Prescription

A lot of people always ask me how they can get a medical prescription, today I show you how in under a minute! (Normal videos …




  • If you want to see what strains are available, go here!

  • Dose it affect your driving license ?

  • Bro i need this tell me more

  • 😂 click bait at its finest 😂

  • Probs just CBD doubt it has any THC

  • Full of shite. Its not bud in that tub

  • the mess this country’s in with money, wh don’t they just legalise it and tax it? It drives me mad.

  • Il just keep using the black

  • 💀

  • 😂😂 going to doctors and asking for bud !!!!! I just buy it with my wages!!

  • I feel so bad for you guys over there. A street dealer isn’t really used in the states anymore unless your underage underfunded or undereducated lol. I just pop in the dispensary tell them what I want check out deals like any other store and check out. How pricey is medicinal cannabis in the UK and is it legal everywhere. I thought if you get caught with a joint they throw away the key and lock ya down

  • Hey man didn’t know I’m still needed med cards. Very interesting stuff

  • That's awesome but where does one go for a legal prescription for 1mg of Clonazepam a day? Been on for 6 years, dose has remained same and would be so cool for that crutch that I use to be legal. Unfortunately my GP won't hear of it.

  • Sucks. I really just got mine today in California online within an hour of realizing I wanted one💀 all I had to do was tell them about my anxiety and FaceTime a doctor. Literally 3 minute call.

  • Tmc is very expensive. Sapphire is much cheaper and relatively good. Otherwise a P21 clinic is good.

  • Geez. I remember before Cali hit full legalization all you had to do is go see a shady “doctor” and tell them you needed a card for “headaches” or “insomnia” and they would hand you your card. No checking with your gp or anything lol it was janky as hell

  • i believe that it is cheaper from other clinics

  • DanTDM of weed😂😂

  • Best way to get weed is find hoodlums and ask “ yo blad you got a draw or baller” (also forgot to mention be cautious as you may be robbed at any point) and leave all the rest of the steps

  • Atleast show us the bud 🤣😂🤣

  • Alright if you got the money or a gp that will agree!

  • Why is this a video

  • Mate get mine from integro no problems. Alas I need a plug for more flower as you can only order 30g a month and I use more. I trust you and can you help am down Brighton don't mind post. Am on wckr. Would really appreciate it. Davey.thanks.

  • This is lies can't get a med prescription in the UK haha

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