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  • I hurt my back about a year ago moveing a couch the doctor gave me some muscle relaxers I hated them. Im pretty sure I pinched a nerve my back hasn't been the same since I'm wondering if this is the better option for me to go through. I've heard a lot about it helping people with their anxiety and I'm hoping it might help me with some of my social anxiety to get me more comfortable talking with people.

  • Bro I'm in north Utah to, if I may ask what valley do you like in?

  • Dude – don't take this the wrong way (seriously, I'm no troll), but friend, you have a pair of seriously bad-ass Vulcan eyebrows.
    P.S. – I would love to interview you if you're up for it. I'm ramping up for season 2 of my podcast.

  • I can go to Colorado and get a btter product and 1/4 of the price of Utah, and thats with gas at $7 bucks a gallon.

  • Hey quick question, if I’m 18 can there be a chance I can get a medical cannabis card and get approved?

  • by the time you are through you end up paying $500 just to get card

    then if you are lucky you might find a vendor

    then you can pay an outrageous price for prescription

    check out the costs on the internet

    by the way
    they can take your money
    and deny you a card

    it's all done with a smile

  • Would having chronic migraines be considered to be able to get a card?

  • I went and got mine for pain and epilepsy, when i got it its just a sheet of paper i print out, my doctor was on the list online of quallified medical providers but it still seems fishy to me, it makes me worried to even walk into the store with the card but you just said the paper was the card, will i ever get like a laminated card or anything?

  • couldn’t you just get it online through something like nuggMD? this seems like a lot of work when every other state you can apply through a third party.

  • had a card in oregon , STILL have a current card in Az but utah… hell no… theocracys suck, and NO reciprocity for cards from other states so as long as I stay here no meds

  • The weed card

  • if i have extreme panic attacks like 10 hr ones plus ptsd plus two torn rotator cuffs and bolged disk in my back think i would get a card pills are not a option either i was taking Paxil for panic attacks and finally stop taking pills the ride down was the worth thing i ever experienced i would like to try it thanks for your time

  • It’s ok I got the weed card

  • someone from. good heart that can help me go to Salt Lake from Venezuela

  • I'm curious about a medical cannabis card for me I have stomach spasms for over three months now and my nephew has Chrons and he's 19 and might help him

  • $500 -$800 for a sterilized screw to put in your leg, $3,000 for the operation room, $900 (while in excrutiating pain or near death) to PRESCRIBE antibiotics NOT EVEN pain killers. My sister was a pharmacologist $500 for a pill because people need it. The clean bright exterior of an incredibly disgusting industry. Now that plant that grows naturally that you dont need to have put into a syringe or a pill you can pay top dollar for too. Dont worry though your insurance will make sure the cycle continues until your next boston tea party

  • What if I have ptsd and been stabbed in the chest and face I'm 20

  • Can you smoke actually weed? or only oral form?

  • This is really helpful and I want to try it for my nerve pain. Over the counter stuff doesn't work for me, and I don't wanna try opiates because those & alcohol are a big issues in my family.

  • Hey can I get an evaluation I’m trying to get my card here in Utah

  • I hope opiates and injections arent the "conservative" treatments you'd try before cannabis.

  • Dr Hill are you a QMP?

  • Don’t you have to be terminally ill? You have to be actually about to die to get cannabis. Someone who would like to treat a mental or emotional problem is completely out of luck. Either your, dying or you can’t get the help you need in utah.

  • Is it possible for someone to get a medical marijuana card in Nebraska

  • Damn what if I'm just trying to get that card to get herb. how would that work

  • Is heroin addiction or scoliosis count in utah. Pleas say yes..

  • I have severe IBS that comes with constant nasuea. I've had several appointments with a Gastroenterologist and have tried a few medications that weren't helpful. Would he be able to recommend medical marijuana for me? Or do I need to search for a new doctor? Thanks for the video, it was helpful.

  • No separation between church and state in Utah

  • What about Insomnia or Depression? Are those Qaulifying conditions?

  • What about ptsd? Not sure if this is the right place to even ask. I've heard that medical cannabis could be prescribed for this but now I do not see this as an option recently?

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