How much does Medical Marijuana Cost?????

How much does Medical Marijuana Cost?????

This is a video for ANYONE that is interested in getting a Medical Marijuana License…..really in ANY STATE; HOWEVER, I am …


Kronik 352


  • A lot!! 🤣

  • I'd be interested to see if you broke up it by modality ie flower, vapes, concentrates, etc

  • 2022 $653 included all budder for the holidays and around $40 in stocking stuffers.

    2023 $621 so far. I went to the dispensary 5x Jan ( everything I took to FL. More budder) Feb 3x & 2x May. Picked up an O of GG#4 (I) & candy flip (s) I did get 7 all in one (5g) $200. I hadn't bought any vapes since Jan for FL and never before that. Spent a little over a note on this ashtray & New grinder. I got a fairly extensive king palm set up. (Just leave it at lifetime supply)

  • Hey Kronik how are you. I'm getting tired of going to Dr and being limited per the state. 0:36

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