How Meghan could be setting Harry up for DIVORCE!

How Meghan could be setting Harry up for DIVORCE!

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The Royal Rogue


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  • Oh without a doubt, MM is setting Harry up; she's going to encourage him to "be real" and keep talking about all the drugs he has done while she is finishing up emptying the bank accounts. When he gets deported, I seriously doubt Meghan the mattress actress will be going with Harry.

  • The Madness of Prince Harry?

  • YES!! Thankyou. Making money by sharing TRAUMA?? To the world, who had to pay for the privilege is so disgusting it makes a mockery out of ppls Trauma! If you’re traumatised, it’s a deeply painful experience, no one in their truth and trauma struggles would ever tell the world!! I think his handler is egging him on to make a tit of himself, enough to say ‘ I want a divorce!!’ And blame him. I honestly believe she’s making money and is working on a master plan to ‘ have it all’. Holy cow, would someone please explain this possible probable to him???

  • We know that is coming! She already ruin Harry’s life! Harry already lost all his credibility and popularity. How sad! That woman is disgusting and sick!

  • Looks like Harry doesn't want to get out of the misery he craves so much.

  • Yesss he is a sickness man. Drugs & to many personality disorders.

  • I have CPTSD and I do my best to NOT talk about it. Harry has a title, but the only thing he has to sell, unless he opens Harrys Happy Weed Cafe, is his alleged Trauma.

  • The whole relationship was a set up for divorce on her part. 5yrs this year and she will file.

  • The story about nitox is bs, unless you are living at the South Pole, most hosp gases delivered from ports from a central supply,never ever seen a tank and even then careful monitoring needed

  • He'll really have something to whinge about, if, and when, she divorces him!

  • OF COURSE she is setting him up for divorce! She's been doing it from the start.She'd have been sick to her back veneers after three dates with him – wouldn't any woman be? Droning on about his dead mother all the time. Spending all day smacked up to his t&ts. Get your tickets early for the televised divorce case (Meg will have picked out her outfits already and booked in for a new nose). Amber Heard will seem like Snow White next to her (no racism intended there).

  • Saying things that could potentially be used against yourself in a custody case.

  • I have a masters in clinical psychology and I was trained that you never diagnose someone unless you’ve had 2 full sessions with them. Also, you never reveal someone’s diagnosis unless they’ve agreed to it. Great analysis video.

  • MAGNET MEGHAN……that's who she is….fro the moment she was born MONEY and POWER have been attracted to her….she doesn't DESERVE it…they just COME….

  • Dude don't watch out , one day wouldn't be surprise to see self destroying himself & maybe even m too .

  • 100% shes setting him up. Shes gonna full on play the victim. 1 year there will be a divorce

  • Sure she is setting Harry up that was her plan all alone and after Harry she will go after Mr. Getty. It wouldn't surprise me if she got him started on drugs

  • Harry is a brain damaged, drug addled, fool.

  • In my opinion h is lying about how often he uses cocaine. Allegedly. He seems high on it all the time, your eyes do not dilate like that on medical marijuana. I have trigeminal neuralgia. I tried it.

  • Interesting Gabor Matē didn’t go into his fave topic about generational pain being heritable – that an unborn baby is affected by the neurotransmitters (like cortisol in stress, low dopamine & serotonin in mood and depressive disorders) etc. wonder if that omission was to ensure NO BLAME for the high princes reactive trauma behaviours is laid at his mothers feet. Bc Diana’s probs with bilumia, fragile mental health, 3 way marriage and throwing herself down palace stairs is well documented. Nope. Harry says it’s dads fault but it was his dads mothers fault bc they were cold fish. Shut up Harry

  • I know that the Ginger Whinger doesn't know anything about America, but he should be informed that marijuana is STILL ILLEGAL Federally. Will the Feds be knocking on his door to remove his "children" from this criminal environment? We'll see…… 🤔🤔🤔

  • I worry that Harry maybe in over his head. He will only speak with the so called professionals that tell him what he wants to hear. Too bad he won’t sit down and chat with you, but alas you would tell him the truth and that just won’t do.

  • They're Liars.. straight up LIARS

  • How much you want to bet that Archie will be a transgender

  • Harry is called his HIGHNESS because he is often as HIGH as a kite.

  • Its inevitable

  • Every time Harry opens his blabber mouth, things get worse. There is no THC in CBD. You cannot get high on CBD

  • As mum once said
    It’s going to end in tears

  • Gotta be cautious of these so called Hollywood mental health experts , they can do more harm than good . As for Harry , there's no more words to even say anymore ! He's completely fallen off the edge and there seems to be no coming back from that. It's a sorry state of affairs really. He's intent on destroying everything and anything that is close to a normal life . Anybody else and the CPS would be at his door pronto, he's not fit to parent a child!! Is this the quiet life they wanted? Thank God his granny has gone!!

  • You have not been in Harry's shoes, you have no idea what this man has been through. You are not God to judge him.

  • It wont be long before Meghan decides she doesn't want/need him any more and he'll be running back home with his tail between his legs begging for Daddy's help.

  • When the worst parts of your life is being born rich, royal and famous and you can’t cope then you are just an Asshole

  • I may be wrong but I think the whole session was scripted. The aims: the Doctor was paid and H wanted a public diagnosis to excuse all his awful behaviour…. a clean slate for going to the Coronation. A farce.

  • The mental test Amber Turd was given would be a good evaluation assessment for Megan & Henry🌲🇺🇸

  • This will all end up badly for Harry. I mean reeeeally baaadly

  • Doesn't Dr. Mate realize that Harry did not write that book. The way you Express an idea can tell the depth and wisdom or lack off your being.

  • I have to say this, but thousands of people have lost their parents at a young age. I feel now that Harry is now using his mothers death for earn money, besides H&M are doing the same to the RF.
    People are so so tired of them now.
    They must just sit around drugged up to the eye balls to see who they could attack next.
    Said before these two traitors should have been booted out, stripped of titles months ago.

  • To say that ADD is caused by stress in the environment is absolutely dangerous and false. It can contribute but it’s not the only cause.

  • I find it surprising that the family didn't take steps to prevent him from doing some things.I am about the same age and I had alot of freedom at a young age.That type of parenting didn't work out very well for most people. The royal family should have been strict with him even though he was not an heir to the royal throne. Despite what he has happened there is no way that I would have him living in L.A.People have different intentions and they are not always good.The situation seems similar to Edward in some ways.They would do better to have him home and away from the people who would use him and the press to make him the subject of scandal.

  • I diagnose Dr Mate as a self loathing Jew.

  • If she is setting up to divorce him I hope Harry had a pre nup otherwise she will strip him bare. But I doubt he did this

  • She now has it recorded ready to use

  • Facing and overcoming difficulty and trauma is the way you become a complete and functioning adult; wallowing in endless therapy will not help to heal only make ‘psychiatrists’ wealthy!.

  • 4:53 I can't believe ALL the Sh!T he's talking about substance abuse etc., it's really really crazy. I mean, him and Meghan have kids…Aren't they afraid that they aren't raising their kids in a healthy environment. A drug and substance abuse addicted father, a narcissistic mother, both are liars ETC., I mean WHEN IS SOCIAL SERVICES and CHILDRENS AID going to step in and Finally do something. Aren't they afraid of the safety of their children and that they could be potentially taken away.

  • Use of cocaine and ADD can look the same… I unfortunately worked with people who took it to keep up with the job pace… It was a nightmare…

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