• Rich I can't believe you left out Carlos the ass-eating chicken

  • I’m 45, kinda late to the marijuana party, I remember back in the day how bad weed is.. please. What about booze, it ruined my life. Booze made me have mental issues, panic attacks, angry, etc
    Oh and I would black out so much I’m surprised I’m still married not to mention alive.

    Weed actually help me quit drinking, got me working out, more creative, insane sex drive💪🏻. Honestly why is it illegal but it’s ok for doctors to play lab rat equipments on us if we have pain, anxiety, or whatever else.
    I have a loved one who isn’t an adult yet, but her seizures from epilepsy are so severe. The amount of different pills and different “specialist” drive me crazy. I hope one day she can have medicinal Marijuana. Seems to work for almost everything else.

    We just need Snoop Dogg as President, officially make it legal like it should be.

  • Been experiencing the same lately on it. It has been life changing. 😀 Waking up with energy and feeling much better throughout my work day.

  • I have my med card its awesome. arkanasa here lol

  • Im wondering which concentration you found that works for you cause I relate to your entire story

  • 3 months ago I started taking Weedborn CBD. This is the best option for me. You can help yourself with CBD.

  • I find it wonderful that your life has changed. once I started using cannabis from my local shop my anger went from easily triggered to I could care less and I go throughout my day being positive and productive.

  • The most proud I've ever been to be a New York.

  • You look like the typical pro-covid loonatic richie the bichie

  • I have anxiety, too. But in my country (Germany), Cannabis is illegal for private use and it´s god damn hard to get a medical certificate for it. God know´s how long it is illegal, but right now the politician are talking about legalisation.

    I can drink alcohol at almost every corner, but if you get caught with a joint, pray to god…..

  • Yep. I'm 37 and I remember being so scared of weed when I was a kid. I thought that it was this horrible and awful smelly drug for degenerates.

  • Drugs Are Really Expensive, that's what DARE stands for. . . 😁😁😁

  • Rich, no joke, you should be checked for sleep apnea. Same style of panic wakeup's you explained.

  • Weeds has help me 2 it has opened my eyes.

  • Can't play video games unless I'm blazed

  • It relieves ur stress levels. I'm trying to get my card now

  • Uh I have a friend who’s definitely addicted to weed. And the dude literally has withdrawals and mood swings if he doesn’t have it. So you can be addicted. You can be addicted to anything.

  • This is wonderful I'm astonished for you Rich🙌🏻👋🏻😁

  • 🔥🌿💨🤤yesss lmao

  • I support the Japanese or South Korean models of dealing with marijuana.

  • Thank you for sharing your story. Hopefully someday soon we can have those freedoms in every state


  • I have this issue too and although weed isn't legalised in the UK, I have been advised to do this too but was doubting it

  • From my 7 years + experience with using weed to sleep, eventually you wont be able to sleep without weed

  • I would sub to listen to this Rich talk medical Marijuana. Abrasive gamer talk guy probably needs to start a new channel and focus on him. This was refreshing.

  • my mom uses medical weed to justify being a abusive alcoholic

  • Rich, I’ve been a subscriber/fan whatever you wanna call it for a good 5+ years now.

    Though the gaming news/tech reviews are what I subbed for, I really enjoy your more personal videos where you talk about yourself and life experiences you’ve had. It especially helps me when they’re similar to things I’ve been through or something I’m interested in learning more about. I think you’re honestly a great guy and I hope you’re doing okay, man.

  • hope you had a good 4/20! 🙂

  • blaze sesh with rich would be my dream

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