How K-Beauty Took Over Global Skin Care

How K-Beauty Took Over Global Skin Care

Skin care has become an increasingly lucrative business for cosmetic companies. That’s why big names like Amazon and the Kardashians are trying to cash in. The industry’s revenue is expected to grow within the next four years to more than $379 billion, according to an IBISWorld report. There’s one country that’s been playing an outsized role in skin care’s growth— South Korea. Here’s a look at how South Korea is helping skin care dominate the beauty industry.

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How K-Beauty Took Over Global Skin Care




  • I think the French already established the “skin first” concept. I even practiced it 17 years ago.

  • Thank you

  • Can you provide?

    Pop Beaty Stores through 2023 to 2032

    Grants Pass Oregon USA

    25 to 38 Shops on South Korea Korean Beauty Products

    In development.
    Take care of you.

  • as a korean, this is cool… however, there are thousands and thousands of scammers getting rich and taking advantage of people's insecurities too. it's sad.

  • every people on screens must have perfect skin in korea.

    It leaded to in reality, if skin is not good, can't get anything.

  • I’d love to get Korean skincare but I don’t know where to buy without having to go online.

  • That’s why they look how they looks 💚

  • She looks too shiny like she just ran 3 miles on a treadmill.

  • Magkano po

  • Obnoxious people change the world.

  • When I was using a western cleanser and moisturiser, it felt too rough for my skin and made my face red. I feel like the products are so expensive without even being good. But when I switched to Japanese cleanser and Korean toner + moisturiser I can feel my skin improved so much :))

  • Can they be used on my black African skin?!

  • I just love South Korea skin care. I am in LOOOVE with the 20% vitamin C serum and also cosmetic procedures are not expensive so your skin can look its best and not really not pricey


  • love it

  • I'm a Korean. My family and many acquaintances have good skin. So we don't need to stick to expensive cosmetics, and Korean cosmetic brands have good quality while being cheap.
    I don't know, although it is true that Koreans take good care of their skin than other countries did, it is also true that Korean water quality, geographic advantage, eating habits, and heredity, etc. also affect the good skin of Koreans.

  • Kbeauty is a huge industry here and the result are incredible 🙂 but for a foreigner it can be pretty hard to have access to it if you are in south korea.

  • Skin care that is affordable and actually works. Who would’ve thought that would be a good business model?

  • Nope France is still up there.

  • 한국은 성형 수술과 엉덩이 꼬임, 가슴 움직이는 한국 팝스타 걸에서 1 위다.

  • K beauty has really good, affordable and effective products! That's why foreigners such as myself love it!

  • As a Korean, I think it's highly connected to something we take it seriously in what people think about us. We're too sensitive about how people think of us and easily compare each other in terms of money, appearance, etc because of the high population density. So you will easily see that a lot of Korean are eager to purchase something too expensive like a luxury brand and foreign cars and take plastic surgery regardless of how much we make money. This meaningless behavious are just to show off what we own to other people in order to be appreciated for our external values. So everybody seems to be unhappy and I think it's predominantly associated with the best suicide rate and the worst fatality rate across the world.

  • Korean cosmetics companies lead the world by listening to their consumers of what they really want for their skin and not trying to force down by marketing what they think we should use. 100% for a moisturiser??? so so expensive

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