• Thank you Knives 👍🏻

  • I used to smoke daily for a long time to help my then undiagnosed ADHD and depression etc (and because it was fun, let’s not lie) and it worked well but after some complications with driving, I now have to have medical examinations every year for driving (medical issue unlinked to drug use etc) and I wonder how this prescription would fare against the laws with driving and the blood levels etc.

    If weed is legal and consistent and relatively easy to get (I’d rather not deal with cash and dealers etc) however I wonder what the police stance is regarding this prescription and blood levels. At what point are you ‘impaired’ or ‘unfit’ for driving. And at what point?

    My current concerta prescription is a class b however legal to possesses and use with a prescription and provided my limits are not out of the prescribed dose then I am legal to drive when unmedicated people are not.

    Do you know of any extra guidance on this? I’d be likely to return to regular cannabis use providing there won’t be any complications with driving etc but can’t find anything online aside from it being illegal 🤷

  • Hi bro got accepted for sapphire but they have only given me thc/CBD oils any advice on how to get bud

  • Bro my doctor requested that he didn't want me to undergo treatment what do I do

  • How much are these prescriptions, what are the variencies in price?

  • OMG you got them Drew is sharing ears.

  • What about driving and getting road side swab? I have heard of stories that the officers still pursue with anything over 2ug/l that it is breaking the law. So many grey areas

  • I bet you claim pip to let me know 😆✌️

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    Try this dispensary they reliable I hv received package from them successfully 3 times/

  • I am with a clinic but need thc carts any idea which clinic provides

  • Why can’t you smoke it ?

  • Hiya pal, I wonder if you can help me. I really want to smoke cannabis. I don't like what you can get locally as home grown as they have chemicals sprayed and the high is too much. I need something mellow that gets you high without getting paranoid. Is there anything which you recommend

  • “If the NHS is still around”🤣

  • Get a Dynavap my guy easiest vape n works well

  • The above name 👆👆helped in getting the best strains… thanks to those who recommended them

  • Can you get it for stress?

  • Excellent video, informative and to the point. I too have anxiety and used to self medicate but now I'm definitely going medical. Thank you brother!

  • IAM 42 I suffer from mental health issues and back problems can u help please bro

  • Does it get you high, the T20 C4?

  • Preach bro. #legalise it

  • Getting my first batch of prescription 18% thc 6%cbd flower tomorrow, tried 3-4 different antidepressants and it’s only taken me a month to get it all started and have my meetings!
    Looking forward to finally getting better

  • Yeah. I used to like some of the morrocan hash. That had cbd in it

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