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  • The cannabis plant was used as food and medicine 2000 years before America and their propaganda existed against this wonderful plant and the people my god made! History will show the truth the plant was made illegal after alcohol was re legalized in the 1930’s for racist reasons. Before that cannabis sativa and cannabis indica oil was used and traded world wide. Aloha

  • schizoaffective what's dose that mean with THC

  • Is it possible to get one in alabama with schizoaffective disorder?

  • I think you can learn more about CBD from Weedborn.

  • Such a nice man, Yeah and I agree we need to take off cannabis from schedule 1 drug so reseachers can do faster and better testing. But I am sure it helps with many disorders as I keep a open mind and am not so quick to wait for science to prove it. I look at what people are saying and Yeah Its a wonderful medicine.

  • So if schiz patient takes cbd oil, its good for them right

  • Lots of people become schitzophrenic and experience pyshocosis after smoking marijuana on a regular basis. Medical marijuana is a load of crap.

  • I never touched any illicit drugs. I never even tried alcohol and tabacco byproducts, either. But I still have schizophrenia. I am living proof that one can do everything right and still be a worthless piece of garbage. I actually had a woman, that seemed interested in me, step away from me when she asked me why I took so many pills and I told her I was schizophrenic. I will never forget that. I will never forget her name, Veronica Vazques. She made me feel like a subhuman monster. So smoke up, eat up, and do not worry about it. Doing things right does not guarantee a favourable outcome anyway. You might still wind up a subhuman, cannibalistic, axe murdering, child sacrificing, stitching a composite body together out of my victim's corpses, pile of garbage like me. If you would excuse me. The my neighbour's dog is telling me to go out and kill again. I must obey. (this is what people really did think of me.)

  • Thank you for sharing!!. I also started hearing the voices, along with the shadows. I started thinking about my life and memories brought me to the conclusion that I have always heard voices but never paid attention to where they was coming from. I am 31 and noticed the voices big time now. The voices dont feel fake, they even tell me it's nanotechnology and the people. For me it even feels that the whole world is in on this conspiracy that I like to believe schitsofrenia is made up. The voices tell me I'm targeted because I'm perverted and what not. My thoughts are read before I even noticed them. I search nanotechnology and it's a technology that can manipulate your mind and manipulate your feelings. Something positive I can leave you with is, find a way to love music, wear headphones! A good pair. Watch good movies that fill your heart up with happiness and tranquility. . Prepare yourself for one day if your love of your life is no longer in your life. Save money for the rainy days. Love you !!

  • Is hemp or full spectrum CBD safe for a schizophrenic?

  • I took CBD and I heard more voices afterwards, then when I smoked marijuana I heard less voices for a longer period of time, I was also a lot more easy going and less paranoid. Though, I’ve heard sometimes taking too much weed can make the paranoia worse. I find it all very fascinating.

  • I get super paranoid but i think it has to do with my family being against it. Im going to try it when i move out.

  • The problem is people don’t know their family history. How is someone supposed to know details like mental illness in family. A lot of family go misdiagnosed

  • Trying to figure out what to do ab my symptoms thanks doc

  • Thanks for the info Doc.

  • anyone got cbd that i can buy

  • It relaxes me and I’m bipolar schizophrenia and depression

  • high thc causes it. pure cbd cures it

  • This is a very dangerous thing. My brother who is bipolar has now gone psychotic for the second time in a year and a half and both times are when he started smoking pot all day every day. He now thinks he is on a mission from God to save the world while making up things like molestation that never happened. Please do NOT think you can self medicate with marijuana… Not sure why I keep seeing videos like this without dire warnings about self medicating.

  • i use your services for nearly 2 years now. i am a schizophrenic. everyone is different. THC has taken me off of all 5 of my other meds. it dose not help in a traditional way. it helps me cope and deal with my illness in a healthy way. i cannot use sativa strains as they do make me more paranoid. but indica strains are perfect for me. I have found that a high THC with a high CBG content seems to work the best for me. I know there is no cure and only treatment and THC has been the only thing that has ever worked for me. when i can cope with my triggars it keeps my more sever schizophrenic symptoms from taking over. I have developed healthy habits and a daily routine to keep me this way all because of the benefits of THC. when i was taking my tradition schizophrenia meds i would slip in to physcosis ever few months but now i been hospital free for two years. I cannot do the CBD only though THC and CBD dose seem to work pretty well.

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