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  • Anyone got a suggestion for a service to get a Medical Marijuana card for Spondylolisthesis and fibromyalgia? I live in Upstate New York any help would be appreciated,tyπŸ€—

  • get to the point damn it!! why dont people just get to the point on their videos no more =(

  • thank you this sounds simple to get accomplished in saint mary's county they have releif and green health docs i just need to save mt $$$ to get my mmcc card thank you

  • Do you have to pay any fees if you are unemployed and got Maryland Medicaid I don’t pay anything to see my doctors, i have chronic pain issues, and other health issues but I was wondering do I still have to pay to get a medical marijuana card so I can start getting treatment.

  • Are there any cons to getting the card? Like does it make it harder to get employment or cause driving restrictions ? Currently on unemployment and I have eye issues so I have driving restrictions on my license as well as having a vision test every year to keep my license. Also have to fill out medical paperwork to send to the MVA every other year for my eye disorder and they ask about alcohol and illegal drug use. Wasn't sure if that would affect my qualifications

  • My state just legalized medical cannabis and I am on pharmaceuticals how long after Maryland approved medical did it take effect?? I live in Mississippi

  • Oof, caregiver card? That must have been anticlimactic πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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