How and when to use Medical Marijuana? (Cannabis/Pot) – For Patients

How and when to use Medical Marijuana? (Cannabis/Pot) – For Patients

This is an informational overview video on the use of medical Cannabis/Marijuanas. Cannabis can be used to reduce symptoms …




  • I like CBD. The best ones are from Weedborn 🙂

  • I know Weedborn has solutions to most diseases.

  • Never heard anyone get addicted to weed. Schizo and psychosis is something it can trigger (it can get worst), but you can get it from weed that is wrong. And young people drinking alkohol will also do it worst at school thats why there is a drinking age, and when its legal it will be a "smoking age"
    Lets just say that your white scrubs wont fool anyone, you have no idea of what your talking about… And lastly Ive never heard anyone killing themselfs because they smoke, but ive seen people drinking alot killing themselfs… Don't spread fake info its bad for all

  • This Guy knows nothing about pot

  • The gateway drug nonesense has been proven inaccurate. I know more than one person who has been able to stop using heroin by using cannabis. So by gateway they must mean to step back into normalcy and away from serious physical addiction. No one has even ODed on Cannabis. Also IT seems bazar that Drs would not want more experience and education regarding such a useful plant that actually helps people. Calling it a Gateway is part of the Nixon propaganda and throws any chance of the rest of what anyone’s has to say out the window as more recent research does not correlate the gateway. We need speakers who really understand this plant like Ethan Russo, or Roy Upton…real herbalists not Doctors regurgitating old lies

  • Well, I'm looking for how to smoke medical marijuana for beginners.

  • You lost me at gateway drug 🤣

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