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  • Not a political game anymore, now a monopoly.

  • The plug 👆👆👆

  • Republicans should be more for marijuana legalization than democrats. We're for small government, right?

  • The Drug-War is over??

  • How america is better than europe

  • 1936 called they want there reefer madness back, so what’s wrong with you who brainwashed you with that nonsense or me maybe people need to hide their medicine because it may upset delicate people like you. Or maybe you were simply paid off by big pharmacy because they’re afraid of how many people will be able to get off pain, medication, antidepressants, anti-anxiety medication because of a plant. Oh yeah and cannabis use doesn’t go up. It’s already been legalized in enough states that we know that just like we know it does not increase teen use.

  • Nothing wrong with cannabis, alcohol causes more social problems and destroys families just like heroin and crack cocaine.

  • The CIA were busy running the cocaine industry to fund their war projects. 😀 "War from Drugs", not on them !!

  • Huh? It’s legal or get over it, after all we’ve been through hell yes

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