How America Botched Cannabis Legalization | Forbes

How America Botched Cannabis Legalization | Forbes

The legal marijuana industry has seen its profits go up in smoke from overtaxation, overregulation and the federal government’s …




  • Super c'est une plante magnifique je vous félicite de l'avoir rendue Legal c'est une plante qui soulage bien des personnes qui sont malades. Chez moi en Suisse sais pas encore légaliser malheureusement

  • Greed has always been the downfall of mankind. Some people will always try to get the monopoly in any business or market and they will always have people to manipulate the law to get their way.

  • You botched it because you didn't actually legalize it. It is that simple. Just legalize it. Banning it or regulating it is wicked and you belong in prison for life.

  • Why does she have to speak about her race and sexual orientation? What about all of the black athletes who are in this business? It sucks not to have enough money! I'm white and straight, lack of funds has been the story of my life!

  • I'm glad I live in Colorado; no offense Cali, but our weed is just as good

  • Matatan.🐎. Ribirin HS,

  • Cannabis should be legal like tomatoes or onions. As usual, gov't wants to parasitize any product, including an easily-grown weed.

  • Decriminalize it fully or it's just a mugs game.

  • Ahhh typical monoculture farmers who would rather turn their crop to mulch than diversify. Such stubborn people deserve everything they get.

  • basically how it is here in chinada only good thing is not going to jail,but business wise its a failing venture the regulations are ridiculous plus to get a shop or anything permitting takes forever wish bureaucrats would just get out of the way for once

  • 15% tax I love where I am and we will probably be the next leaders in the cannabis industry Cookies and Noxx are the future literally.

  • Looks like they need to de fan their ish…

  • I don't see how anyone can trust the government who wanted to put you in jail and now wants to "share" in your profits.

  • A lot of good legalization does. If you want to be employed and to earn a decent living to raise a family, you have to pass a drug screen. Their is not one good income job that will employ you if you smoke.
    Until the stigma is lifted off marijuana and placed squarely where it belongs, on alcohol, it will never change ! Alcohol is poison. I have seen and had patients who have literally drank themselves to death. Yet never have I seen or heard of any marijuana overdoses!

  • "Grade A" lol that was some garbage bro xD

  • tobacco and alcohol that cause cancer leading to death have been legal for decades!
    Not to mention nationwide US legal guns available to anyone!
    The legalization of cannabis would bring great benefits to everyone, the government would have more tax revenues and consumers would feel safer, as illegal sale on the streets is eliminated!
    Cannabis also plays an important role in the medical field, as an alternative to opiates that cause serious complications and addiction, yet cannabis is still looked down upon!
    This means that those in government do not see the benefits it brings and completely ignore the progres

  • The Boom isn't ending, it's over . These situations don't repeat , you can't compete w Walmart. I respect you guys so much but trusting authority goes against all the walls originally around the scene, the documentary proves my point . I hope a pivot is possible.

  • The Governor was bamboozled by big money .

  • In Santa Rosa new shops keep.popping up, I'm waiting for the major close downs . There are 60 shops now around here. I predict 60% gone this year or two.

  • Truth from the child of aldults poor rights needed yo be punish you what you did to a child .oh ya forgot low life child endangerment you dont care for children.
    Sounds of true faith that usely can tell if gifted that is science and mystic belief that magick is true but the energy form is within  our selfs . Even you can tell from the children feelings and what they beliefs are . But only thing for thee is whom they chosen or picked or being guided from things only you can tell the hiden truth or hiden judgement. For those disgree well weakened like the real satan himself smokes marijuana and cannabis of a energy of a life form of a low life .

  • It did not get legalized is just got rid of the doctors to special growers. It should be a farm product and easy to get as pepper, garlic and onions and treated the same.

  • I more glad somebody's losing, it screws them more than all the police.

  • The problem here is that everybody wants to grow smoking weed but none of them want to grow hemp for seed, or hemp plastics, or any of the thousands of other things you can do with weed. Furthermore LIMIT THE SIZE OF THE DAMN GROWS. I know the two guys with greenhouses are trying to do a good thing but what they are doing is imbalancing the market. Limit all licenced grows to 100 plants per person, and allow people to create co-ops to grow together. Make it a right as an American citizen to grow up to six plants of smoking pot for the use of myself, my family, and my friends. Allow a craft growers licence that allows you to double your growth and sell no more than 10,000 in cannabisper year. Allow the open air production of hemp for fiber, fuel, and seed. We can fix this if we stop letting people try to dominate the cannabis industry,

  • The question my be, how to keep the industry in a constant state of change, keep and encourage new entrants, or whatever to avoid a shakeout…of SMBs. Which will naturally happen as an industry matures…how to keep it in a kid state? 😊

  • A lot like what happened with Wal mart and small specialty stores.

  • Wait, I thought taxes were good???? What happened liberals??

  • Her point is we're a small business but every company was a small business at one point

  • and they're afraid that it all will be taken away the republicans won't mess with it it is too late for them to do that. but some Democrats don't want to legalize it due to the revenue they make on it

  • What it comes down to is this state of affairs created by taxation. If they did this with alcohol I wonder what would happen?

  • Well I got half way through this video before a victim card was played.

  • Really really good coverage. Really interesting and really important issues tackled. My only criticism is that you provide very specific statistics without providing the contextual statistics that inform how concerned we should be about the initial stat. Which leaves the viewer with more questions than answers.

  • Consumers can always vote with their dollar and buy from small brands.

  • It was ALWAYS meant to be this way!!🤔 Get the independent growers out the game & have the corporations create a monopoly amongst themselves!!🤷🏾‍♂️ Crony-Capitalism 101. 🤦🏿Pure Fuckeryness… they’ve got independent growers living like 3rd world farmers ffs🙄🤷🏾‍♂️

  • The mega factories destroyed the market for all us small scale farmers.
    I been growing since 1987 and supporting myself.
    Now its impossible due to massive indoor growers and out of state imported cannabis.

  • Don't wood chip it give it to me 🙂

  • In Michigan you gotta be rich to even apply to get in the industry. I feel like the smaller grows is where the true quality comes from. All the big guys want is high volume. Not flushed or cured right, full of growth hormones.

  • Pot is need to stop the opioid epidemic but pot wasn't expensive before federal law made it illegal. Ending war on drugs doesn't mean making a buck legally. Pot is the new moonshine.

  • Darn woodchipper

  • Marijuana should be treated as any other plant business such as potatoes, corn or tomatoes. Plant it, tend it, harvest it and then get it to market. The only restriction should be attaining the age of majority to consume it.

  • What does it matter if one is black, or LBGTQ, or female? All businesses have the same problems that the black woman was complaining about. She was lucky to have won the California marijuana lottery and that can be taken away at any time. As part of the system she should know that.

  • I burned 8 pounds of quality trainwreck flower because I couldn't sell it.

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