High Times


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  • Love these vids. Check out my channel for Nug porn in HD.

  • the only bho save to consume shatter.

  • maan i dont know why i put myself through watching this wit no ganja!??!!

  • I'm salivating!

  • Hey props to CO from CA, u guys are holding the MMJ scene down, nice lookin oils.

  • damn gimme that karma wax<3

  • is it me or did stoners just turn weed into crack XD

  • how can i find this hash? <3

  • how can i find this hash? <3

  • OMFG..hash

  • 0:42 just pour some milk in and gobble away like cereal 🙂

  • hong kong stable oil = sliced hard boiled eggs

  • Watching this;
    I feel like a wine expert when he walks into a new wine merchants.
    I feel like a cheese expert when he walks into a deli.
    I feel like a cigar expert when he walks into a tobacconists.
    So why must I feel like a criminal when my mouth waters over this video? :'(

  • do we have one of these in cali? how do I enter? didn't see any amber glass!

  • anyone else feel like they just watch some weed porn?


  • California Prop 215 FTW. You know you're jealous we have it o.o

  • @arnesonj25 hehe where have you been 😀

  • 100% pure hash : ) NICE

  • I never wanted to travel to the US, cause of all the data-mining by your government.

    But now I start realising that in a few years I will visit yuo guys like you visited Amsterdam before 🙂

  • ive had alot of these before but the best for me was the ingrid bubble. that shit was out of controllllllll

  • What just happen? It might just be me, but did stoners just take it to the next level?

  • sour diesel bubble hash omg

  • Widow Maker Time!!!

  • Its not teasin if u smoke good lol

  • roll all of that into 1, and see what happens???


  • Congrats To Broadway Wellness For Winning 2nd Place For Hong Kong Oil!

  • send me some of that!

  • stoner

  • Damn I Love Living Here!!

  • waxes take the cake.

  • I'm not a fan of Bubble Over BHO Or ISO But that Stuff Looks exceptional
    Puffing Super Lemon Haze BHO Makes this video all the more enjoyable 🙂

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