High End Skincare That's Actually Worth the Money! Prestige Skincare I'm Loving

High End Skincare That's Actually Worth the Money! Prestige Skincare I'm Loving

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1. Drugstore Gems 1: https://youtu.be/cfmTpRn60kY
2. Drugstore Gems 2: https://youtu.be/rAJFguwtbm8
3. Best & Worst of Cerave: https://youtu.be/rD2tnDiM3H8
4. Testing Your Favorite Cleansers: https://youtu.be/0te-iPkkVR0
5. Colorescience Flex Sunscreen Review: https://youtu.be/y6gIYn6nO5w
6. Top 5 Tinted Sunscreens: https://youtu.be/HE_9shDGEZY
7. My 3.5 Year Tretinoin Update: https://youtu.be/DPyHEVXBu0s
8. 10 Unpopular Opinions About the Beauty Industry: https://youtu.be/VanxfmnZ8mY
9. Top 5 Japanese Sunscreens: https://youtu.be/rQ7Vqi3UHHo

1. Haruharu Wonder- Black Rice Moisture Deep Cleansing Oil: https://bit.ly/3MAk5bV
2. Youth To The People Superfood Cleanser: https://bit.ly/3L9xQgP
3. Colorescience All Calm Clinical Redness Corrector*: https://bit.ly/3LsY7aG
4. Colorescience Even Up Multi-Correction Serum*: https://bit.ly/3kojAFW
5. Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield Matte: https://bit.ly/3KVq8XF
6. Colorescience Sunfortgettable Total Protection Face Shield Flex: https://bit.ly/3MAIIoS
7. Peach & Lily Glass Skin Serum: https://bit.ly/3LsZxSy
8. IT Cosmetics Confidence In an Eye Cream: https://bit.ly/3LvU516
9. DRMTLGY Water Creme Moisturizer: https://bit.ly/3KsG7Mn
10. Krave Beauty Oat So Simple Water Cream: https://bit.ly/36W4YdA
11. Supergroop Every Single Face Watery Lotion SPF 50: https://bit.ly/3EYRxpN
12. DRMTLGY Brightening Eye Masks: https://bit.ly/37KlttX

00:00 Intro
02:25 Oil Cleanser
04:52 Cleanser
07:17 Calming Serum
11:08 Color Correcting Serum
13:41 Glass Skin Serum
15:28 Eye Cream
19:08 Gel Moisturizer
20:42 Moisturizing Cream
22:21 Sunscreen
24:35 Eye Masks

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High End Skincare That’s Actually Worth the Money! Prestige Skincare I’m Loving

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Abbey Yung


  • would still love to hear your favorite cleansing oils!! ❤

  • I spend an insane amount of money on cosmetics and skincare. 🤦🏼‍♀️ It’s my splurge. There are very few products I ever repurchase. One though that I am obsessed with is Glowbiotics HydraGlow Cream Oil. I have been through 3 bottles. It’s so pretty on the skin.

  • You said the eye gels were unnecessary. No. they are necessary! Lol

  • Thank you!

  • Hahaha yeah I at first I was like ooof girl don’t you dare talk on my girl Dr Dray but NOWWW all your content makes more sense and why I like it 😉

  • I really want to try Tatcha, I'm a carer for my husband so unfortunately I can only dream 😍

  • I'd really like a video on oil cleaners. I've been struggling to find one.

  • Proceeds to click every single video link in the description and adds all to my watch later playlist your videos are all so helpful!! I want to watch them all!

  • Lovin' the yttp cleanser ! 👍

  • Does anyone remember what Niacinamide and HA acid Abbey recommended? As the Ordinary's peel under my makeup as they do on her. . I can't seem to find the video she mentioned in it. Thanks in advance for your help. 😊

  • Great video, I love hearing what others think of different products. Those Drmtlgy Eye Masks are fantastic. I pop them on as soon as I wake up and wear them while I work out or just doing the morning chores. And Abby, I’m 50, you’ve got nothing to worry about at 28! Love your videos 💕

  • Abbey you have helped me so much with my skincare routines!!! My skin has improved with the
    Vanicream and drmtlgy products!!! Thank you for creating this channel!

  • I highly highly recommend Jordan Samuel Skincare. His whole line is fantastic and I've been using many of his products for years. Two of my favorites are the After Show Treatment Cleanser (removes even heavy makeup without drying my dry skin) and the Performance Eye Gel. I really hope you look into his line and try it out. His prices aren't drugstore but they aren't luxury prices either and worth every penny.

  • Hi! The It under eye cream is on sale at Ulta right now-like $27.65. I will buy the Peach & Lily serum next. It’s in my cart as we speak. Lol!

  • Any anti-aging products you would recommend and work?

  • Hello, everyone, our company is specialized in providing skincare devices. For every new product, we would reserve few quotas and looking for people who needs it to expereince it for free. If you are in US and interested in trying new product, welcome to contact my email on my Youtube page, first come first served.

  • Totally agree on the IT cosmetics eye cream. Got it BOGO free over the holidays, so it actually made it affordable and now I’m stocked. But, I haven’t been able to find anything at the drugstore that even compares.

  • Have you done a review on Dieux skin yet ?

  • Hey Abbey how ya doin girl? Listen I really enjoyed this upload and I’d love a pt 2 please 🙏
    I absolutely love ❤️ a good under eye mask moment so I’m really interested in the tub of eye masks you showed by Dermatology .
    Love 💕 Tia xxx

  • I also normally don’t splurge on skincare and feel like my routine has been dialled in for a while. HOWEVER… I recently got a deluxe sample of the Murad VitaC glycolic serum from Sephora… and it has me seriously considering spending $109 Canadian dollars for 30mL of product 😬😩
    Someone talk me out of it lol

  • I love how you “rebel” against the “rules” about skin care and use that eye cream because you love it!! I feel like I’m at that point as well. I use certain products just because I freaking like it!!!

  • Ok random, but I’m just curious if you’re still using the Ordinary copper peptide serum and still loving it? I’m a quarter into my first bottle and hoping to see some good results! Thanks for your awesome videos! ❤️

  • Would love a review on everything SriVectum! Is it worth it?

  • Your comment about the alcohol is so relatable lmao, I just turned 28 a few weeks ago and have seriously noticed that my alcohol tolerance has dropped a lot. Even just half of what I used to drink leaves me feeling sick for the entire day after lol, no bueno.

  • Oooooo please do this for hair ❤️😍

  • I've been loving the Advanced snail 92 all on one cream from Cosrx

  • You get older and you eat out with friends more than go one mad ones ! Thanks for your content ♥️

  • I'm loving the Altruist Face Fluid spf50+ with Organic Filters Tinosorb S and Triasorb , fragrance free and has Niacinimide and Vit E . Non greasy , WR and £9 for 50ml .

  • Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide mixed with the B-Hydra serum as a moisturizer. It sinks into your skin really fast and doesn't feel as moisturizing – but it actually really is and has helped immensely with the Tretinoin flaky skin issue

  • I need an up to date best drugstore hair care products video especially after your unpopular opinions video!

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