Here’s the origin story of the leading body care brand ‘Bryan & Candy’ : The Tribune India

Here’s the origin story of the leading body care brand ‘Bryan & Candy’ : The Tribune India

A good skin tone and healthy nutrition go hand in hand. Among various other factors like pollution levels and sleeping patterns that affect skin health, it is significant to zero down the best skincare and body care brands. While there are an array of brands in the market, it is crucial to choose a body care brand that is free from hazardous chemicals. Taking care of these aspects, one of the profound body care brands ‘Bryan & Candy’ made its debut in the industry and went on to become a Household name.

 With a concept of self-actualization, personal fulfillment and luxury, ‘Bryan & Candy’ had an overarching thought of creating a niche in the beauty industry. In other words, the body care brand wanted to make its mark as a distinguished name from other contemporaries. And it has managed to hit the bullseye by giving a luxurious feeling at a price point, just suited for everyone and everyday use. However, when we hear the term ‘luxury’, we often have a perception of the elite class using high-end products.

 This concept of only the privileged having access to luxury products was challenged by Dipak Desai, the founder of this notable brand.While travelling across the world, he observed that luxury brands available there are too expensive to be made accessible to Indian consumers. It was then the thought transpired in his mind – “Why not to create such Luxury Brands in India and for Indians Suited for Everyone and Everyday Use.”

 With the idea of providing luxury to everyone, ‘Bryan & Candy’ got the Bath & Body Care products designed in New York and its manufacturing in India. Opting for a route of dermatologically tested products, the body care brand is also the contract manufacturer to leading pharmaceutical companies in the world.

 Having an in-house research and development team, the brand’s products are scientifically tested that have the finest and safest ingredients to maintain a healthy skincare routine. Going back in time before the brand came to existence, it was during Mr. Desai’s stay in New York when he had several meetings with the personal care industry in the States. Hailing from a manufacturing background, Dipak Desai has a terrific knowledge about sourcing.

 Furthermore elaborating about it, he said, “Once I understood the fundamentals of production and the entire process of packaging, the team focused on creating quality and high premium bath & body care products. That’s how the brand got conceptualized with the products at pocket-friendly rates and suitable for daily use.” The maiden collection of ‘Bryan & Candy’ was the Bath & Body Essentials that received an extremely positive reception in terms of product performance and consumer’s satisfaction.

 Since then, the body care brand has added a variety of products offering the ultimate rejuvenation and luxurious experiences to the customers. Currently, the products of the brand are available on its official website and many other e-commerce giants. In the coming time, ‘Bryan & Candy’ is looking forward to conquering the global market by introducing a wide variety of products for both men and women.


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