Healthy Morning Routine | Skincare Routine + Self Care Habits

Healthy Morning Routine | Skincare Routine + Self Care Habits

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Today I’m sharing a new healthy morning routine and the self-care habits that I’ve been practicing to start my day on a positive note! With everything going on, I’ve really been embracing slow mornings and focusing on feeling my best. What’s one thing you look forward to every morning? Let me know in the comments below☺️

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  • I have thick eyebrows I have to get them waxed by my cousin she is a hairdresser and a great eyebrow waxer and I have to get them waxed every month

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  • you should 'NEVER ADD HONEY TO 'BOILING WATER'.!!! While warm water is fine, above 42 degrees centigrade, the all-important 'medicinal' molecular structure of honey is changed irrevocably, making it indigestible (in a sense… toxic!!!).

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