Harvesting, Drying And Curing Medical Cannabis Series. Part #2- Drying My Gorilla Glue Photo Period.

Harvesting, Drying And Curing Medical Cannabis Series. Part #2- Drying My Gorilla Glue Photo Period.

This educational teaching lesson Is for Adults aged 21+, who grow cannabis legally for medicinal purposes only, as legally …


Bill Ward


  • Ty for all the helpful advice

  • How do you lower the humidity?

  • If a joint stays lit its ready to jar

  • light off lol

  • Thanks

  • I’m over here screaming at the screen! You have that high powered light on

  • You never did the part three of the three part video?

  • Very beautiful buds

  • Hey bill I have a question. I'm drying in 60 to 63 degrees 50% RH for about 5 days now and there is a slight grass smell happening. The buds are still very soft and the stems are quite moist still. The buds smell great when touched and when it gets on my fingers but the outside doesn't have much smell if anything just a little grassy. Is this normal as the plant is breaking down chlorophyll and will the smell return in the cure? Or is this something to worry about thanks.

  • Now I can keep my humidifier to 60 I’d say bud what if my temps are like 70-77ish for curing? And that Fahrenheit.

  • I make sure most of the leaves are off you can see the ones with the color are only holding nutrients

  • Very informative videos! Not new to growing but a big thanks seeing others do it 🔥 also wondering if you've tried the 2 days dark before cutting method?

  • Your tutorials are fabulous. You explain the process for beginners so well. Thank you.

  • Another reason the humidity probably went up is because of the plants drying out. They release a decent amount of moisture into the air and a little tent will see the difference. So that helped too haha

  • the bucket with water is creative

  • Ohh man they look beautiful I can't wait I got 2 gg4 growing my very first time. I did a pure organic grow in my garden no fertilizer no nothing but water sunlight and natural soil. They are beautiful. I'm stoked. They came from the same pack but one smells very fruity while the other one has a sweet skunk smell. Good job and I can't wait to enjoy the fruits of my labor

  • @bill ward if you want you can take that bucket put distilled water and salt when u put enough salt I'm the water to where it's just saturated not swampy it will create a relative humidity of 65 % naturally. I use to have to use this in my humidor for cigars. They also make these silicon beads that a preset to certain percentages like 55 60 65 70 etc all u do I soak um in distilled water and they will regulate the humidity to what ever % u bought. They are cheap as well.

  • Awesome video thanks alot I'm on my first u have been a great help do u count the beginning of ur dry when u cut or when u first give ur plants dark before hanging? Thanks again.

  • Bill did you use ac or not,,for the drying process of air ven only ?

  • Once again Bill: you are the freakin man.

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