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  • No worries here because of CBD

  • Because taking big pharma’s meds every single day is okay.

  • I don't even smoke that much and it does help my depression makes me want to do it all the time because I hate f**** being depressed. The pills the doctors give out for depression will eventually kill me of side effects 🙄 it's physical and mental depression IBS causes depression, And having 10 metal fillings in my mouth does too. oh yeah my kidney failure does too.. 🙄

  • Fake news propaganda pharmaceutical name all over this cannabis has zero side effects zero addictions and zero deaths stop this brain washing old trick from 1939 its 2022 people are waking up

  • The mindfulness workbook "30 Days to Reduce Depression" by Harper Daniels really helped.

  • And group B¿

  • Don’t tell me those are Harvard plants? Weak looking at best

  • havard should teach against extortioning.

  • Too vague More research needed

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