Haappy Herbs: Perfect blend of Ayurveda and Modern Aesthetics

Haappy Herbs: Perfect blend of Ayurveda and Modern Aesthetics

An authentic Indian beauty brand based upon minimalism, Haappy Herbs offers a range of skincare and hair care products. Curated from a perfect blend of Ayurveda and modern aesthetics utilising essential herbs and indigenous raw materials, Haappy Herbs products provide sustainable results. Founder and owner of Haappy Herbs, Shrutika Arjun is the grand-daughter of veteran actor/ comedian in Tamil cinema Late Mr.Thengai Srinivasan, who had worked in over 900 Tamil movies. Shrutika herself acted as a female lead in multiple Tamil films between 2002 and 2004 sharing screen with famous co-stars like Surya, Madhavan and Jeeva. After bidding goodbye to acting career, Shrutika found her interest in other fields and pursued a Bachelor’s degree along with her Masters in Business Administration. Later, Shrutika excelled as a part-time lecturer until she decided to pursue her passion for skincare.


Haappy Herbs was started with the idea of creating true and organic skincare products for every skin type and that truly reflects within the products. Ms. Shrutika Arjun always felt reluctant to apply chemical-laden skin products so she started using the old age Ayurvedic formulations. When friends and family noticed a change in Ms. Shrutika’s skin complexion and quality, they asked for her “beauty secret” out of curiosity. This motivated the young entrepreneur to develop herbal concoctions for people who wanted clean and natural beauty products for skin and hair & for this, she thought of expanding her team & had onboard an Ayurvedic expert to develop & deliver the best of quality, tried & tested Ayurvedic formulated products, which led to the inception of Haappy Herbs in 2018.

Shrutika Arjun, Founder, Haappy Herbs says, “We invest most of our infra, efforts, time and team’s strength on our quality conscious procurement of raw materials which we strongly believe is the core foundation and basis of setting our significant quality standards. The natural ingredients come out of different soils and climatic conditions depending on the region. Our procuring team is well trained to sort and select the best of the produce which only can suit our manufacturing process. Care is taken to ensure safety against adverse effects on skin , even for the natural ingredients we use, by ensuring the right proportion of combination and mixes in line with the formula recommended by our R&D scientists.”

The brand, now loved by Lakhs+ customers globally, commenced with the introduction of just two products, Turmeric cream and Glow enhancer serum. Ever since the launch, the duo became a hit among customers to an extent that they started sharing positive reviews and experiences on how the products made a big difference to their skin and life as a whole. The products helped many people who had lost hope of achieving beautiful and clear skin. Ms. Shrutika started sharing unedited raw testimonials of clients on Instagram & Facebook, which created a lot of hype about the authenticity of the brand on the digital platform. In a fast-paced digital world, word of mouth expanded the brand reach to more customers looking for natural skin care and hair care alternatives.

Haappy Herbs is a customer-centric brand that aims to evolve with growing needs and rising expectations. After a high demand from customers to launch more products, Ms. Shrutika gradually extended the range to soaps, shampoos & other exotic range of products that are especially curated with Ayurvedic formulation. The best part about the products is that they can adapt to the changing climatic conditions and work brilliantly for even sensitive skin types.

Within three years, Haappy Herbs has achieved great success and recognition with incredible support and overwhelming love of customers. Haappy Herbs is emerging as one of the top Ayurvedic beauty brands in India without any major marketing tactics, but only with thousands of organic rave reviews and word of mouth from customers. Haappy Herbs believes in “BEING BEAUTIFUL NATURALLY”. The brand will continue to focus on providing customers ONLY THE BEST WITH ABSOLUTELY NO COMPROMISE IN QUALITY!

Website: https://haappyherbs.com

Address: Ground Floor, 66/39 Shop No.7, City Centre, Thirumalai Pillai Rd, T.Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017

Contact Number: + 91 9884175455

Email Id: haappyherbs@gmail.com

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