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  • Even if the card is expired I can’t buy guns ?!

  • what if you already own a gun (rifle or shotgun), and didn't have a permit before getting your medical card in florida? I don't conceal carry but what about the laws on home defense?

  • Why hasn't anyone sued the FEDs over the blatant discrimination on Weed?
    We all know Weed is safe. The FEDs are a terrorist organization bro. They need to go

  • Fill out a 4473 section 21.E as a cannabis user and instantly be denied a firearm. So many big gun channels on Youtube glorify booze while shitting on "potheads" and "druggies". This is a huge reason why Biden won. Cannabis will be removed from Schedule I this year and many bills have been introduced taking gun rights away. The gun community should have supported #LIBERTY and cannabis users. Too little too late.

  • I buy weed and guns straight off the street.

  • What if the card expires…Can one be good to buy a gun then?

  • Thanks for the info. But I knew this info. Sucks! The government has to get this right.

  • This country sucks, legal pot, no gun laws, protect the environment how fucking hard is that?

  • What about in private sales ?

  • Thank you for this vid, it was very informative. I was born here in AZ and I've heard different explanations to this issue. It was great finally getting a solid answer to the question. Im definitely subscribing and I look forward to watching your other content. Keep up the great work!

  • So, since it is under federal law that would prevent me from owning or possessing a firearm in the state of AZ while being an MMJ cardholder, what does that mean as far as what they're able to do? As it was mentioned in the video, they can't do much but it is possible to enforce it. What can the government or anyone for that matter do to me as a gun owner? Also, would getting an MMJ card prevent me from purchasing future firearms even if it expires?

  • Nobody actually gets a "prescription", as the "prescriptions" are controlled by the corrupt Feds, and cannabis is illegal under Fed bullshit laws.

  • I had tried recreational to see if he helped my migraines and it didn't. I threw out the vape. This was about 4 months ago. Since I don't use this any longer, am I no longer able to purchase a firearm? I didn't use a medical card to purchase it, but the dispensary scanned my license. Will I need to answer Yes to question 11 since I had tried it? Do you know if the DROS background will know that my license was scanned at a dispensary? It's hard to find a straight answer. I live in California, by the way. Any thoughts on this?

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