Grassroots: The Cannabis Revolution (Medical Documentary) | Real Stories

Grassroots: The Cannabis Revolution (Medical Documentary) | Real Stories

‘GrassRoots: The Cannabis Revolution’ is a feature-length and one-hour documentary exploring the medicinal use of cannabis, the patients involved & the …


Real Stories


  • tamara.said.she's.a.bitch………….27

  • tamara.joins.the.police…….26

  • Jah bless the herb and give man his familly bless life and your soul JAH RASTAFARI

  • Clark is a real 1.. met him alot of times many years ago, we use to go to every march, hope he's doing well these days lost contact with him and Greg

  • One in thing the police don't understand is that theres to sides to the cannabis industry. The negative side and the positive side. If only they could just sit down chill talk and get on with their day instead of cuffing people up for a 10 bag💀

  • The bottom line is that governments do NOT want it's citizen's to develop a new enhanced view of the world. Which Cannabis does.

  • Particles per million N one hit

  • Man that first dab was a hot one

  • Legalise cannabis in the UK.

  • law+legaly promis is an founderabel dew,for making conciderations 4lgl brances status!law -rules is making the world going into proseeding fakelife!

  • Beautiful joint in the beginning lol

  • It's great to see this… I have healed myself as well. Weedborn oils have helped me a lot.

  • I did it with Weedborn CBD products!

  • Real medicine

  • Hope he's dad hears what he siad how he hurt him

  • Yet we're allowed to poison ourselves with alcohol…total hypocrisy

  • Not like throwing this out here but ya know just because you use cannabis doesn't mean you should have a place in the industry lol

  • Weed helps with my GAD, PTSD, and depression so much and it makes my life so much better

  • Kids will always be able to get drugs …. were their is a will their is a way Remember that.

  • I have been diagnosed with MS, Addisons Disease, interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, & valley fever. I feel like a medical mystery sometimes.Canibas has helped me so much I can’t even explain. The pain I’m in everyday has affected every aspect of my life. I’m 47 and I’m still trying to figure out my purpose. I’d love to feel like I’m helping someone else. I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do. Criminalizing someone who’s sick is disgusting!!!If your that person, and your reading this, you should be ashamed of yourself!!! Disgusting!!

  • Awesome video!’

  • Its known for having zero medical value …… said by a man who is paid by the addictive medical corporation……. ! But pharmaceutical 'drugs' that kill you, … there ok!

  • They don't know their chronic pain can be healed by eliminating inflammatory food and consuming whole foods and clean water. Not to mention Jesus Christ still heals today, I know I am an ICU nurse and I have seen and experienced miracles.

  • Your are lovely

  • What a brilliant documentary on Medicinal Cannabis!

  • i suffer from cold feet and shortness of breath and i smoke weed doctor don't no want it is
    i just chill out

  • Dab it up all day long

  • Part of the answer is for these people to understand they are not criminals.
    The laws & lawmakers are criminal and corrupt.

  • I have MS and cannabis helps aa lot.

  • its not the police it the ones above them why do you think there is so many drug addicts out there because 99 percent of them where on pain meds and got addicted if they where on weed they would be fine today and live the life they wanted but no there living on the streets doing nothing but crime to keep them alive just wrong

  • Lmfao did u hear this guy if you hang a plant upside down that makes it more potent etc would be nice if you actually knew what you were talking about 3 times completely bullshit knowledge untrue false wtf ?!

  • He sounds Stoned tbf. Must work…

  • UK is back in the stone ages. Legalize it and tax it (like alcohol). Done, end of story.

  • It truly is a cure all

  • my mum me and lots of other people need this…bless you all xx

  • No law will ever stop me from smoking weed I'd rather be in a room with stoners than a room full of drinkers any day of the week

  • Why would he NOT move to California or where ever it’s legal so he could get the help he needs??????? I don’t understand? If his LIFE depended on it that’s what he should do!

  • "If I can convince my Dad I can convince anyone…" that statement left me in tears. I can relate to him. I'm in the states but I might as well be in London. Colorado is a mere 30 minute drive from here, yet is highly illegal to go get medicine and bring it home for my disease. So, if one decides to do that, it must live as a secret and must be very well hidden lest you be turned in and jailed. It's 2021 and much work remains to be done.

  • 34:17 little kyle so high he spelled from wrong 😀

  • Move to California! Or Massachusetts or Colorado or or or… we’re waiting for u guys life is good over here lol

  • here in the uk the goverment is load of wankers you think with the taxes they like to put on us in the uk that they would jump for some more taxes from cannabis seeing how much extra in taxes they make per year in usa from cannabis and putting that into other things thats needed buck up uk goverment ffs

  • Woah woah woah wait a minute his mom had it i get it but his step dad had MS too ? Sounds like its caused by environmental factors then what are the statistics of that happening? Maybe mold or something idk?

  • The anti- marijuana message that has been fed to the world, via the USA, is nothing more than racist, & economic propaganda. Alcohol causes untold misery, societal economic issues, & is a burden on our healthcare, & judicial systems, worldwide, yet is legal & socially acceptable. What up with that? Here in Canada we've decided to educate & regulate. It's just the smartest solution.

  • How individual are we when all our lives are IKEA commercials?

  • Look im not taking sides on this topic.ive smoked weed for like 15 really all depends on the individual using the drug. Majority of them would simply use it to get that high feeling.also enhances your opinions and analysis in life.just like alcohol.when u start to drink u become more confident at what it is you want.but in the end it's your choices that u make or have made??nobody's forcing u to take weed!

  • It’s not a gateway drubbing it’s medicine

  • Weed has saved my life. More than once.

  • " we would like to congratulate drugs , for winning the war on drugs " …

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