Good Question: How to apply for a medical marijuana card

Good Question: How to apply for a medical marijuana card

We’re getting a better idea of just how many people are applying for medical marijuana cards. We found the numbers after a viewer asked how to apply for one.


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  • That's the same in Texas

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    Omg this dude up my YouTube got me mine with cheap price ..

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    Omg this dude up my YouTube got me mine with cheap price ..

  • It helps me to remember to eat if I don’t smoke I go days without eating


  • I have absolutely nothing wrong with me and I still want one. I guess I would have to find a nice quiet private place and grow it there.

  • It's okay nigga! I got the weed card!

  • Why do I need a license to get weed ( but don't need one to get and drink alcohol ) the more evil drug because man made it

  • Get a new doctor if yours won't help

  • it helps me focus, and be more creative because i get anxiety about doing anything but it helps alot and make decisions .

  • Cc in dad

  • Joe Joe hemp

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    Money from the RCC

  • What a tran. Yucka

  • Idk if this counts but I have severe ADHD and separation anxiety that came with it.

  • All states

  • I'm a medical refugee from Texas, it needs to be legally available in ALL states equally. But the Texas compaction law forbids it to most that truly need it instead of pills.

  • Chronic I have chronic pain and cancer and several other disabling diseases and medical issues my oncologist told me flat out no he would not write me an RX for cannabis then I went on to ask the nurse at my other doctors office the one who sees me for most of my or let me say all of my other medications and ailments while his nurse told me he's not going to write that out for anyone now how do I get medical marijuana because if I have been told that if I get medical marijuana they will take away my meds my pain pills all the pot in the world won't get rid of my pain I have everyday but it does help me when it comes to staying calm on top of my pills I get for my anxiety that are not strong enough either

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  • What’s the age you can get it

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  • Iam sad i how can i get one so much pain

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