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  • Welcome to one of my favorite episodes of the second season of "The Green Room," in which the team tags along with a compassionate cannabis delivery — and talks to a veteran support group. It's one of my favorites because we're digging a little deeper and finding some more nuanced stories. If you enjoy watching it half as much as we enjoyed making it then I'll consider it a success!

  • So a bunch of washups getting their drugs, thank you perverts at the capital.

  • Good on you guys. Helping medical cannabis patients. This is beautiful to see in the world almost the first thing of its kind.

  • Amazing!!!! Smart snd compassionate use of resources!!!

  • I can help when the weed needs to be destroyed. 😀

  • Very well done, hope it improves.

  • 3:35 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • @Los Angeles Times donated meds. that would be nice .as a pain-relief substitute for opiates .Now at 4 pills a day .Not happy as i was when i had medical cannabis .

  • HELP!! I am a chronically & terminally ill, single LGBTQIA millennial, disabled since childhood, stuck in a toxic Michigan HUD prison cell without transportation, stuck on a fixed disability income (plus a small freelance caption job in the last year) & have been literally dying of poverty & the severe stress & anxiety caused by my hopeless, inescapable situation. I've had 2 massive heart failures & total kidney failure by age 30, where my clearly expressed & signed DNR wishes were ignored TWICE, and invalidated by them putting a pacemaker in, ensuring my continued suffering & deterioration, ignored even more by very capable family & no friends to help me with any of this…
    I just got in trouble for being forced to get my MMJ online & although I got it legally, they're coming after me for having to use the mail, because I have ZERO transportation & the closest (tiny, expensive AF) dispensary is 30mins away!! I'm having constant panic attacks & TBH, su1c1dal thoughts, because I am ALONE in this, have NO IDEA what to do, and my dangerous, debilitating, he11ish symptoms are NOT going to tolerate me being in a jail cell for any length of time!! 🤯⏰️😱☠️

  • they could pay me in the weed to come pick all the over stock instead of actually putting out money to a waste management company to go throw in in the trash n let it go to waste and im dead serious

  • man i don't need anything i do it cuz i love it people need to start being honost we do it cuz it smells good taste good and it's a fun ritual

  • Solution: ROLL SMALLER JOINTS! An 1/8th of weed is more than three joints. What this guy is saying is

  • If you don't think that big pharma is going to get their hands into medical marijuana you're a f**** idiot if they're losing money on pills believe me they're going to find profit somewhere they start synthesizing hemp getting all your Delta 8 garbage

  • Boycott dispensaries and cut the government out of it unless you like putting your name down on registrations and lists so the government can f**** see what you do

  • Some states are not all like this. Also a lot of people suffering from epilepsy, cancer or other severe conditions can't afford this medication. It sucks

  • The people who need it the most they know who it is. Rather push them pills though right. For starters let's start our with people with very bad disorders and unfortunate born ailments. Than you serve the military veterans. Because let's let's honest most people who sign up to go die for America's freedoms are people from poor situations and from poverty…facts don't lie rich kids ain't signing up to go die..but aye that's another story..I'm writing a book on it now. All facts. But yeah let's serve those military veterans who made all this shit possible. I know I served seen it first hand got all the evidence documents video all that . Time to expose the evil. The first shall fame last 3vil selfish greedy demons. 😉 facts don't lie documented evidence don't lie and I got it.
    Oh and cincinnati v.a. medical hospital ..thank you to the ones who was whistle blowers and who told me what I needed to know. Showed me the facts. It's only a matter of time till we get this squared away and lock up all the criminals who was apart of it. God bless you.

  • Don’t get me wrong I hate taxes and regulation as much as the next guy but part of the cost issue is that these California dispensaries are charging way to much for the product. $50 an eighth is ridiculous. Taxes on a $50 item are gonna be double what they are on a $25 item. Not saying the taxes aren’t absurd, because they are, but the base price is part of the issue too. I never spend more than $60 on a quarter ounce, and that’s with tax included. Maybe I’m just lucky to live where I do.

  • This is saving people from opiates and fentanyl ! Pain relief for all ! Good Vibes 👣

  • Some people who need cannibis could be set up to grow their own to get around rules and hassles. Growing is great therapy for a lot of people. It can soothe PTSD and stress. And growing is pretty cheap once it's set up. The grow tent makers would probably donate equipment for getting their names out. It's great for the law to change so access is easier and I think helping people grow their own would be a good way to get them access.

  • Free for those who need it! All others pay attention

  • Gotta do it all over California!!!!!! We need it!!!!

  • This isnt legalisation its monopolisation its bullshit just let people grow their own.

  • Smashing the doritos bag

    Munching religiously

    Dealings from the ones who plant the seeds of weed

    Wasting inherent smoke

    Confronting an inner cough

    Praising subconsciously the ones who harvest the seeds of weed

    How can humans play God when they are all stoned?

    Their lack of weed will lead them to an early grave

    Condemned to live a life of unrelenting sobriety

    Their rotted corpse refrains when weed replaces life

    Tearing the vocal chords of prophets that smoke of weed uncultivated

    They are the ones growing the seeds of weed

    How can humans play God when all they are are stoned?

    Their lack of weed will lead them to an early grave

    Condemned to live a life of unrelenting sobriety

    Their rotted corpse refrains when weed replaces life

    Fearing their reality they chose a random dealer

    When all laws would cease and THC would release

    Smoking the weak pot they did seek

    Foretelling demise speaking only stoned lies

    Smoking the senseless souls of mindless

    Inhabitants not knowing they are the ones

    Consuming the seeds of weed

    Smoking the source of stimulation unnurtured

    Realization of fools who will always against their

    Will just end their lives

    How can humans play God when all they are are stoned?

    Their lack of weed will lead them to an early grave

    Condemned to live a life of unrelenting sobriety

    Their rotted corpse refrains when weed replaces life

    -Cannabis Corpse

  • so pot is good for you they kept that out of the public

  • The new laws have destroyed the medical system that prop 215 perfected

  • Bro medical took a back seat to the new legal markets and you all know it. It’s sad really.

  • My brother and I are former Marines struggling with PTSD from Afghanistan. Weed for Warriors has been a literal lifesaver for us.

  • I have multiple sclerosis every aspect of my life has been monetized and I can't get help

  • Because of L.A times are you guys based in L..A or mainly up in the bay area?

  • 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁

  • I’m going on 70 years old. I have my card.
    Is there anything like this on the central east coast ?

  • Its not donation stop calling it that if u guys are legit u guys are selling smh 🤦🏻‍♂️ these newbies be putting up a front !!!

  • nice!

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