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  • Im 100% happy with the solution. Sell in shops would be a bad thing to people and kids who shouldnt smoke.

  • Disgracefully slow progress

  • I've sat in pubs in Germany where people smoke joints at the bar I don't think this law actually matter.

  • They're usually the first to burn stuff.

  • Best life

  • if only the UK was this smart

  • Weed is overrated.

  • Especially at the moment lots of people don't realise they're smoking cannabis sprayed with spice in UK.

  • Think about what they said, "we want to care about the youth! Not let things lead to harder drugs" marijuana could lead to alcohol and especially in young minded people and undeveloped brains like teens, if you are still undeveloped mentally then you won't think as clearly and even when high, teens could be chasing the high and not use it for medical purposes and chasing a high gets dangerous in undeveloped brains but if they can use it medically and responsibly then no issues but that would be rough.

  • They acting like NL is on another plannet not in EU

  • Michigan here I just bought 2onces at the store today

  • Follow the US
    Not the EU
    25 grammes value £300….not exactly change the World
    But it's all about FEAR

  • Cannabis got poor reputation for no reason, I have smoked in the past and trust me when I say it. It's not at all addictive, leaving it is extremely easy and it has helped me so many times in my life when I was down and out. It's practically a life-saving drugs for the world where mental health is such a big issue.

  • Legalise it and I will advertise it 🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃

  • Shouldnt be legal anywhere

  • Lmao sucks for you guys

  • that smells good 🦨

  • Alcohol is far worse for society than cannabis

  • won't people get bored eventually and turn to more potent illegal weed ?

  • Smoke weed everyday

  • Canada's legalization worked

    And the prices went down

  • the hypocrisy


  • 25gs why not 28gs ?

  • Legalize worldwide!!! It is estimated that alcohol contributes to around three million deaths worldwide per year, while cannabis related deaths is just a fraction of that. If alcohol is legal, so should be cannabis. Pharmaceutical companies need to stop lobbying politicians who are trying to promote their addictive opioid agenda – They need some whoopin'

  • im about to have 500 people "living" in my basement each growing 1 plant for themselves

  • Go on Germany!!

  • From a legal perspective I'd say Germany is much more ambitious than The Netherlands in this sense, since in The Netherlands it is "allowed" to posses up to ('only') 5 grams of cannabis without being fined: but it is still formally illegal and they can still take it from you. Next to that, coffee shop owners may store their inventory of cannabis in the in-house, but the transportation TO the coffee shop is a blurry line. Go Germany I guess!

  • C'mon UK sort it out we want weed


  • They absolutely should. Most other countries should as well, considering the endless potentials of marijuana. There are WAY TOO MANY TO LIST.
    Building materials
    Household materials
    Ecosystem repair (leave trees alone, give them some time to grow.)
    Greenhouse gas reduction
    Recreational uses for fun (that's as important as everything else.)
    Mental health

    Marijuana is a special thing. And not just for drug addicts.
    It being illegal is insane to me.

  • Progress

  • Wann Bubatz legal

  • big moves happen when lil steps are taken. w german ♨️♨️♨️

  • Hopefully this same thing happens to the rest of eu. Despite the fact that its abusable but that goes on with all other drugs. Nowadays there is "laced" weed which contains addictive substance with it which is also dangerous to consume so this could make it way more safer. Dealers usually have lower prices compared to local coffee shops so legalized or not they wont dissappear anywhere even if you are against weed.

  • Liberals have been running our gov too long . I dont care about the weed either

  • The un says we should not punish pedophiles 😂

  • ion know if this'll snuff out the hatred over there, or recatalyze it

  • darauf einem buffen

  • Bravo Germany!

  • It's funny they capped it at 25 grams rather than a straight ounce at 28 grams. I fully applaud this move however I believe the EU has poked it's snout in again and watered down the original proposals. Will this ever happen in England? I'm not so sure.

  • based

  • Cannabis doesn't lead to harder drugs alcohol does!! No body has ever smoked a joint and said I feel like doing some cocaine now 🤯 the normies running the world are ridiculously dumb

  • As someone who lives in Canada you're going to see more gummy-bear eating slobs in sweatpants inattentive to their surroundings or appearance. Please don't celebrate degenerates such as these.

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