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  • Greedy politicians keeping kids sick until they get their piece of the profits. 🤮

  • Great Job Georgia, way to oppress people, I bet you will make sure the Needles are available to everyone though.

  • There are only two kinds of people that oppose legalization, they are either ignorant on the subject or they profit from it being illegal. No coincidence we are only one of two countries in the whole world that allow drug companies to air commercials selling their poisons .

  • There's a special place in Hell for politicians who would rather have kids suffer hundreds of seizures a day, than lose their alcohol and tobacco lobby money who both feel threatened by legal cannabis.

  • For the LOVE of GOD, Please free the plant!  
    So much evil against humanity from such unjust Law!
    Many prayers are with you Mom!

  • Send a DM to👆👆 the handle above☝️☝️☝️ his psychedelic products come with guildience and dosage 🍄

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