• This EXACTLY why home grow laws are crucial.

  • And if your smoking wouldn’t the heat of the fire kill any mold
    I get if it loaded your going to suck in spores … but we breath mold everywhere everyday
    The spores are in our air
    It’s like saying if you breath in the woods you will die from mold ….

  • They need anything to say; to Guard their pills

  • That's all bullshit.

  • So the real problem is the chemotherapy

  • Here we go again. It’s shit like this that’s going to make pot illegal

  • People act like they never bought a spoiled beer

  • Check out Weedborn CBD products.

  • I take immune-suppressive meds for my liver transplant so I just dab. Can mold make it through the concentrating process?

  • bullshit. Where is your PROOF this wasn't homegrown or pot that was thrown out?

  • Microbes

  • Goverment / fed grown weed has poison in it

  • Meanwhile 1000 people per year die from unregulated homemade alcohol

  • What happens when people touch money then they put your pot in a bag? Contaminated with coronavirus!

  • Now we gotta legalise weeds in the uk bois

  • So Make it legal , study it PROPERLY – GROW IT PROPERLY !!!! HOW MANY YRS WILL IT TAKE TO DO THIS “ Government” ????this is BS at the highest level ! I am so sick of the MOST POWERFUL PLANT ON THE PLANET , BEING TREATED LIKE GARBAGE ! Do you care about yourselves at all or your sick friends ? This will heal you but it’s left to everyone else to grow it and sell it , it’s pure bullsh**!!!

  • The despenceries dont give a shit. They'll serve tainted weed on the regular as long as they get paid

  • Bullshit

  • blame it on weed …….stupid fucks

  • This is actually a big problem specially mold for all weed smokers mold is on more weed then you’d believe

  • and doctor #2 basically says oh yes the cannabis killed my patients but theres not enough research like what?

  • they should be taking cbd and thc oils not smoking

  • Proof that marijuana is horrible and should carry a life sentence

  • I had some weed a long time ago that I had stored and when I checked on it. It had mold growing on it. I smoked some 😕. Then I came back and smoked more 😕.
    I am lucky I guess 😉😮

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