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  • Is an actual bank is safe 😊 neat idea 🤑🍁✨✨✨🌟💗💖✨✨✨✨✨


  • don't you smile, its only ok if your dyeing.

  • almost 2 years later, this is still among the most convenient options for disabled or immunocompromised patients to keep them in their own vehicle while still getting medicine necessary for treatment… also just an fyi they use that metal moving "shelf" on the wall, not the old bank tube system in the drive thru

  • Leave it to ABC to do shitty news and put a negative spin on everything

  • Covered this on my channel a couple weeks ago, really cool dispensary. The staff is awesome there, love those guys

  • BEWARE many people are still having issues with their cards. I recently renewed my card and already HAD MY NEW CARD in my hands. Somehow the state kicked it OUT OF THE SYSTEM and when I went to a dispensary to get my medicine… I was unable to get it. I made a VIDEO about what happened to me, watch it here –
    Also there is a HUGE problem with dispensaries keeping products in stock. It's great to open DRIVE-THRU dispensaries, BUT we need our dispensaries to be able to keep up with DEMAND first. We are almost 2 years into LEGALIZATION of medical marijuana and the state still LACKS in so many areas. Cards, stock at dispensaries, still NO EDIBLES which by the way are LEGAL. I could go on and on… but I will just make more videos about all of the problems.

  • No flower / just concentrates

  • The drive-thru would be fine…IF..the dispensaries could keep all of their products in stock. We need more distributors here in Florida. I ordered something the other day, and was told they were currently out, but suggested an alternative? Ummm..I thought that was what we paid the docs for? To alter our prescriptions? Not the dispensaries?

  • My nephew has marijuana to cure his fits and seizures really good and fascinating 👍🙌👌

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