Florida Opens First Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Florida Opens First Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Florida Opens First Medical Marijuana Dispensary.


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  • Well guess what bitch? Everyone smokes weed. Legal or not, people will smoke regardless.

  • Dispensary review Florida https://youtu.be/HGGZsCfp3I0

  • It should lead to recreational use,in fact it shouldn't be illegal in the first place, and I dont use marijuana in any form but strongly feel this way.

  • legal pot killed colorado

  • I think it's great Florida opening up to medical marijuana everyone should smoke a nice big fat Bud it really does cure the pain and put you in a better mood I myself and getting off Xanax I think it is a wonderful idea and everyone should at least try it or open their mind up to it

  • People should be able to smoke it and use it how ever they want how can they fear it being used recreationally but not medically it's not a addictive and dangerous like alot of other drugs

  • I want my medical marijuana delivered to my home🇺🇸♿️

  • It is much less harmful than alcohol or poison pills! The research proves that the negative affects are easily controlled and sort term. Those affects are rare if experienced at all. Say No To Fear Mongering!


  • So what people use it recreaoionaly

  • It’s been a year and I haven’t seen any marijuana. I need medical marijuana now!!

  • We want recreational use you dumb fucks! Its fucking healthy.. Jesus

  • Pensacola!!!

  • Didn't see any shops near Brevard :[

  • They need to let people grow their own.

  • Who gives a shit if people use weed recreationally. Let’s stop the dangerous drugs from being used recreationally like pills and shit.

  • Disjointed Netflix!

  • I'm not a user bit saw the benefits for AIDS patients, I voted for it, and will keep voting for its legalization.

  • people that don't use are scared it may help someone lets not let that happen MORONS!!

  • im moving to florida need a dealer 😂

  • Lead to recreational use? No sweetheart, it's already in recreational use. You just don't notice because it' doesn't have much of an impact in society, unlike alcohol. Seriously, if she is the spokesperson for anti-marijuana use, how in the hell is it still illegal?

  • "Don't worry about alcohol it's harmless. It's the untaxed drugs you need to worry about" -government officials

  • Im 17 hopefully by the time im 21 itll be recreational.. i can just imagine pulling up to a dispensary to buy some pot legally

  • Why does the person that is against the weed sound like she is off 12 xans

  • Correction>>…. I have had guest in my house that have not even tried to touch my wed but I have had my opiates stolen on a few occasions.

  • As I was listening to Ms. Favorite speak I realized she s correct about medicinal drugs do have a lower worry of danger than an illegal drug. However this does not include marijuana even before the massive push to legalize it in many states and the drug was considered an illegal gateway drug, there were few if any major crimes committed while the perp was high on or coming off of marijuana as a precursor to getting more. I have t had guest in my house trying to steal my marijuana as I have had them steal my present pain treatment of opiates. Also how many times has someone actually overdosed on or with marijuana vs how many have died from opiate use/addiction. If I were in a state or could even afford to move to one that has legalized marijuana to get off opiates and start taking the marijuana to reverse some of the long term effects that chronic pain suffers deal with from opiates.

    Marijuana is all natural non processed grow from seed to pipe joint edible no added chemicals and pretty much helps with or heals so many ailments that it is Gods little Swiss army plant. God bless the states with the where with all to stand up and legalize a natural medicinal that can help literally the vast multitudes with few if any ill side effects. These politically based protectors f the general public really need to read all the studies available so they can understand how many they are hurting just to feel good about them selves

  • Tampa Bay Area gonna be Litt 😂

  • 235 N Whitney St Molly has plenty of it.

  • Can I get them to delivery in Miami ?

  • the perception of harm? lmao


  • Ugh disgusts me to see those drug free people going after weed like this, besides weed is a herb not a drug so they just chill their Asses

  • "people will start thinking If It's medicine, why can't I take it'?" What kind of stupid ass logic is that, you don't just take medicine whenever you feel like it, or recreationally, you do it to cure specific ailments.same with weed, what a stupid bitch.

  • should be recreational man. they'll make money and the ones that need it and i mean everyone who actually needs it can have it and wont have to illegally buy it. man it helps all sorts of shit. schizophrenia and the list goes on. mannnnn i really hope they do right by this shit

  • Need to go recreational . Florida tourism would boom ! Nice weather ocean an legal weed ! Jobs jobs jobs ! We need to follow Canada an go legal federally

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