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  • "A former member of the military with PTSD shouldn't be working as a corrections officer"

    Okay wise-ass, would you like to tackle the problem of veteran unemployment? Its depressing that these people serve our country then return home to people that won't only not give them a decent job, but will deny them a subpar job due to their use of medication. Despicable

  • You also can't purchase a gun if you have a medical marijuana card and if you live on a houseboat you can't have medical marijuana on your boat if you leave the marina

  • Lmao. Drug tests are biased for thc. . Meth and heroin and coke are all like 24 hour and it's not showing up. But you most def could still be showing the affects of it.
    Yet you smoke a joint and three days later can fail.
    It's all how it's broken down in the body

  • Employers get to decide their terms of employment within the law . If your employer has government contracts , is federally regulated, or even works with certain corporations they are forced to screen for drugs . It’s all insurance liability and BS .

    Blame govt ,insurance companies , and of course big pharma for the arbitrary laws around what you are allowed to consume.

  • Yeah uh I'm not sure why we're even testing anymore my supervisor i used to have had oxy prescription but was taking bumps of fent while working out on the ramp of our airport unloading planes. Wild.

  • Fucc that guy hes a officer if he was at Safeway why not but no officer should be able to ever cause they have arrested so many an prison officers have watched them I VOTE NOPEEE

  • sad part is, even with the medical laws you can still be disqualified from a job in the legal states.

  • 1:23 there are private police forces but yeah cops should have the same protections

  • 0:03 nobody should be fired for a drug test at least when random I think but if hemp was fully legal u could just decide not to apply there or continue working there.. oh it's a cop lol


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  • Well someone is hiring because alot of people are smoking it with jobs it should be protected the same way Adderall ect is

  • If they allow pharmaceuticals and alcohol an cigarettes and not cannabis then that’s considered discrimination

  • Florida seems like hell

  • Same protection, like other drugs.

  • You can not be in possession of a fire arm and have a medical cannabis card. Get the card revoke your rights. Im not sure if the constitution still applies but the tenth amendment is crystal clear on federal powers and most federal laws are not legitimate.

  • He's a Marines vet? Man has PTSD..leave him alone

  • Even though Florida has finally risen above the Bedrock status, it doesn't mean there aren't plenty of Flintstones still residing there.

  • legalize all drugs💚

  • Florida is throwing away their public school teachers, do you really think they care about correction officers???Nope.

  • Still a group of people that still make a lot of money lifting people's things including their freedom because of marijuana. But the law still allows unspeakable things to exist behind closed doors

  • “ If your on opiates”. I’ve heard enough.
    Big Pharma wins again.

  • He uses that like anyone who uses something from the pharmacy. Times are changing but not fast enough.


  • I love the comments saying who should be employed and where they should be employed

  • No different than having prescription drugs in your system if you have a prescription

  • My ptsd kicks in when i look at my bank account

  • All drug testing for cannabis needs to end. Replace them with hand-eye coordination/reflex testing before every shift. It could be a simple 1 minute test in order to punch in. How many people actually get 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night? Working or driving while tired is way more of a risk and cannabis drug tests do nothing to prevent it, they only make sure people like me who use responsibility and never at work can't get better jobs. People have been free to have some drinks after a long day of works since the dawn of time. It's time for cannabis users to have the same freedom. Test reflexes and hand-eye coordination, not people's urine to find out what we've been doing in the privacy of our personal lives. It's creepy, intrusive, inefficient, and leads most people to cheat or look for work elsewhere.

  • No fun when the Rabbit got the gun

  • Since it is not legal federally, yet lol, businesses can decide their own policies on MM. I think it should be treated just like any other medication when you have to do a drug test for a job. If you are on any type of narcotics, AND have a script from the doc, the doc doing the test calls you so you can give him info to verify it being a legal script. Of course your job should play a factor as well. Cop on MM? No thanks.

  • Pathetic

  • Florida sucks

  • Real Facts!!!! But the detention deputy is a goofy that got caught up.

  • PTSD should disqualify him to be a cop anyway. Stoners shouldn’t be cops.

  • no you should not be fired, as long as you are not medicated on the job.

  • On what planet do people think it’s appropriate to pass judgment on and sanction someone for taking prescribed medicine? It’s disgraceful, shameful behavior. Especially since they permit people to work zonked out on pills. There is no moral or ethical value in what they’re doing. It’s an enforcement of a political view that sits on a pedestal above basic human rights and common decency. Ridiculous.

  • Policy Is Policy, but because of Public Smoking, Employers that Drug Test definitely will Test Positive for at Least Slight Amounts of Whatever Smokers Smoke:

    and, I still can't Afford Medical Care.

    Still, I Be Still.

  • Those are the rules….move out of Florida if you don't like it!

  • He will win in court case closed..With the shortage in correctional officers all over the US they need all they can get to keep the money rolling. State and Feds pass over alot of money when housing offenders from other states. Believe me no one is knocking any doors down to be a C/O.

  • I hope he gets his job back!!!

  • I always wondered that how they would handle that in this situation finally something happens that something will be done

  • Agreed 100% super valid point!

  • Mixed feelings. He is definitely in the wrong job. I took two hits of weed from a fellow smoking a joint that was suffering from depression. It knocked my head in the sand. To be that high and working in law enforcement is something that should not be allowed. A word to the unknowing, the VA cannot write an RX for weed. My doctors can't even discuss it with us!

  • Ex military should never be allowed in law enforcement ever! Look at all the videos on YouTube alone of misconduct or an officer just freaks out and starts shooting at imaginary people scaring the crap out of paramedics!

  • I'm a commercial driver and even though it is legal in my state it is prohibited for it to be in my system at anytime

  • Oxyies are so much more legal. Way to go America

  • I often forget that cops cant blaze.. and we wonder why they are such aholes…

  • Depending on what job he is doing he shouldn’t be smoking even legally!

    I’m all for weed I smoke myself everyday but they might not want him screwing up something important cuz he was smoking!

  • 👍 free weed. Fk em all!!!

  • Who in the world would ever want to work with these criminals… I would if it were to light the fires of the ovens and burn these criminals to ashes

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