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  • How dare you not take opioids and overdose so we can profit off of it is basically the gist of the situation I'm getting.

  • I know a guy who is a cop. He does alot of death reports etc. So anyway were all hanging out at a cabin we rented and someone pull sout some weed gummies. He's cool about it but refuses to participate etc . When we get further into it, he has absolutly no idea how harmless it is and refuses to even look into it further. We're not stoners either, this is literally something we might do 3-4 times a year. You don;t really know until you know. Once I did it for the first time and I was just chillin I was thinking " We are arresting people over this? " Dumbest thing ever. Cops are brainwashed.

  • They want him on opioids

  • if only they would just legalize it recreationally already then this kinda crap wouldnt happen.

  • Fuck the police

  • Dude should sue large

  • Lol this is truliv that did that because they did the same s*** to my dad. they told him to rip the top off before they got the flower legal. It's was for a 500$ vaporizer machine that took little white caps full of Bud

  • Legalize it 💨✌🏽

  • That wasn't bad advice from his pharmacist. This cop is a piece of shit loser….that's what it is.

  • Waitwaitwaitwait, hold on…. Are you telling me that he was arrested over the technicality of having the marijuana pre-rolled as a joint,
    instead of rolling the joint right before smoking it???
    Was that it?!

  • So in Florida if it was in the medical container he would’ve been good. Flower has to be in the proper container and is illegal to consume in public and is only to be used in your home and must be transported correctly. People need to educate themselves and the MJ doctors explain that to you to.

  • How could you expect any more from Florida


  • Being caught with so-called "unapproved marijuana", is the equivalent of getting busted with a moonshine alcoholic beverage.

  • You should see how they treat you with a couple thc carts without Florida labels on it. You’re going to jail for concentrates “thc oil” i know from experience 🚔 Florida system makes no sense Now I’m a felon for weed 2022 🇺🇸

  • Maybe this is why Floridians are so mean.

  • Now the rolling 35 days is screwing us all

  • This is so stupid! Legalize the damn drug already!!

  • Those reporters are dicks.

  • Florida man

  • Meanwhile serial killers are out there killing people🤫

  • How the weed legal but the type isn’t prosecutor sound stupid

  • It’s fucking bullshit leave the guy alone

  • I smoke weed with a med card. But I also don't care if I go somewhere illegal I'll still smoke. It doesn't make it any worse. These losers want more money that's it

  • you shouldn’t be arrested for marijuana possession period. it should be treated exactly like alcohol everyone out there saying how horrible weed is for you or whatever are the same ones taking shots of hard liquor and killing people or getting killed in fights and car crashes

  • Ha Ha Ha..just another person faking health issues so they can be drug addicts.. total low class losers

  • theyre not pharmacists even

  • Still illegal on a Federal level and it's 2022

  • Of course it’s Pasco… I’ve heard bad things about their cops.

  • Nice vidio

  • Rite ohio u cant SMOKE it but had he just has to keep flower in bottle at all times joint got him lol i wish a ohio cop would tell me i dont care bout your card to me lol if it was not rolled

  • Fuck the feds

  • Stupid cops

  • my god the state is giving out marijuana who cares how people consume it. its not like they are shooting it up

  • What complete bullshit. They could of told him that was not the legal way to do it and gave him a warning. I mean 1 joint? Please….

  • I have used Weedborn CBD products and have healed without any problems. Now my whole family is healthy.

  • ridiculous! when will these gov lawmakers and police stop the BS and go after the REAL criminals! shame, when most everyone but lawmakers knows the real crimes here in these types, are the lawmakers who make totally messy worms of our laws in society.

  • Pharmacists don’t dispense it in Florida. Just dispensaries.

  • We need more 420 protest

  • We just got access to smokeable Cannabis this month in Minnesota. Stupid bs laws. Should just be federally legal with government having zero control over the market. Weed is from the earth and easy to grow, no one should have the right to control or govern it.

  • John Morgan should take this case. He was a spokesperson for it, or help this man with his case.

  • Probably was because of the cart . Carts apparently are more dangerous than cocain everyone says lol

  • having marijuana to be a life sentence. don't give anyone a chance anymore


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