Florida limits dosages for medical marijuana, supply

Florida limits dosages for medical marijuana, supply

Florida is setting limits on how much marijuana you can consume a day, how much your doctor can prescribe you at one time, and …


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  • Blame the people who were abusing the program by jumping around to new doctors and that's why they did this .

  • 35 days that’s ridiculous so glad I’m in Arizona

  • This is what happens when government is in charge of anything . The federal government has to just decriminalize cannabis and allow the free market to do what it does. Just regulate it like tomatoes as far as I’m concerned. Less government is always a good thing .

  • I think all those patients will be devastated they cannot get their prescriptions filled. Some of those aches never heal with out such drugs and accessibility.

  • Fortunately after 70 years of prohibition there is a well established black market
    to hepl those in need because the government sure as hell won't.

  • They are hurting people, i am getting my purchase rejected everyday now….

  • They are hurting the needy due to bad choices by some. There are people who require high doses daily. They need to rethink this one and quickly

  • Its crazy to me how a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT that was passed by a super majority of Floridians can be shredded to pieces by the state politicians. What a hatchet job. Florida should be ashamed of itself.

  • They should not even have that in the street at all it sickni g to smell

  • I wonder why they don't restrict the big pharma?

  • I wished they would read the state constitution. Ghouls all of them. No where do they have this power.

  • Republicans don't care

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