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  • I’m for it for those who have legit medical reasons, cancer, AIDS, etc. Also, they need to enforce DUI/DWI laws for it. I see (smell) people around Orlando area all the time who are high as hell and driving and the cops do nothing.

  • Been really hard not being able to afford it anymore,got put back on meds and now have kidney and heart problems.just legalize it already and let people decide for themselves whats best.ive been with the program 3 years now and the card price and the doctors visits not having income makes it really tuff. I see people now when i get my medical that are like me and cant afford only a small amount and its tuff to get by with severe arthris pain and dieing bones and depression and anixiety. There is no doubt in my mind after being on it and off and now back on that it works for pain anxiety and all the above.

  • That guy can't wait to put DUI in

  • If federal law prevents people from "using marijauana" in public, then state law does very little to keep Florida marijuana users out of trouble. On the other hand, most Florida cops completely ignore public marijuana use. Essentially, in most Florida jurisdictions, anyone can smoke weed in public, as long as a DEA agent isn't near by.

  • How about making it beneficial for ppl who have been criminalized. N my complaint wit the doctors is that they’re treating it like a recreation wen in fact it is the gateway drug n I mean the CIAs definition

  • No home grow no vote. Don’t vote for “make it legal” one. U wanna vote for the “regulate Florida” one. which allows home grow. We need to be able to grow our own medicine. People wanna grow their own and also try what the dispensaries have to offer

  • The best thing someone can do is not pay these outrageous fees to have access to plants

  • Legalize it and let us grow

  • It’s to many old ass politicians down here who love pain pills 💊 and clearly have invested interest in big pharma

  • lgalize M F

  • Its homeopathy. It should be free to grow and use. They just want to control and profit from it.

  • good.

  • I don't have stage four cancer Thank God. However I have had chronic multi symptom illness. Please don't forget grow rights. Glad Ron's wife survived her apparent bout with cancer. I hear it evens helps people survive chemotherapy better and help keep the meds down. This stuff actually does saves life's on the real though. So thanks.

  • All set up for Uncle Sam to yank out the rug and it's already all set up for them to JJ just step in and take over that $$! Most inconvenient thing enacted in this state! Can I guys say "HYPOCRISY…? So sick of hearing about it while they rob us….

  • How about legalize the damn thing and make it easier for everyone

  • It’s all a rip off

  • Well the bill died so that sucks


  • of course those only will oppose this bill are those cant make money of it even knowing this really helps the community

  • if only they didnt put "allowing children to buy it" in there

  • Just went to trulieve and had a good amount of rec but apparently I can’t get it all?? I’m lost fuck em I’m calling my plugs 🔌 back lol 😂

  • Why cant Florida just have same rules as cali i say go green florida

  • i swear to god everyone whos against marijuana is against it because they haven't smoked it . they have their belts pulled up to their nipples .

  • Nothing good will come here in FloryDuh as long a greedy corrupt Republicans run things.

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