Florida Concealed Carry | Medical Marijuana

Florida Concealed Carry | Medical Marijuana

Do you want to avoid going to prison? Do you own a firearm? Do you carry a firearm concealed in Florida? Then you need to …


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  • Should people be allowed to have marijuana and firearms in the US?

  • Has the law changed since this vid?

  • in florida as of now if someone surrendered a medical card can they purchase a firearm if they no longer use medical marijuana.

  • can you conceal carry while having medical marijuana on you??????

  • This is probably a dumb question, but if someone had the concealed license before they had the Medical Marijuana licenses , technically they did not lie on the weapons or Concealed license: Can You Please clarify this for us.

  • Imma just have both & if I gotta fight the feds, fuck it. Thanks for the clarification though 🫡

  • My question is, if I already bought all the firearms I wanted and got my ccp and don't plan on buying any more and get my Florida mmj card after everything is purchased legally, would I be carrying illegally if I got the mmj card?

  • Can get drunk and own guns, but can’t get high and own guns

    Remember guys, this is the freedom they fought for 🇺🇸

  • No you can't which is why Nikki Fried is suing against that. She's also running against DeSantis, but although Nikki is fighting to allow MMJ holders to purchase firearms, I would rather have DeSantis, and try getting people to push DeSantis into making his own case since he also believes it infringes against 2A.

  • This will never be corrected until it becomes Federally legal. You would think the Dems would be pushing this.

    It’s the least they can do while they destroy the rest of our economy

  • What if you bought the guns legally before you got the medical marijuana card?

  • Do you know if the Medical Card would be an issue when renewing your conceal license?

  • what if i'm a medical card holder and have a firearm in my home, that I don't take anywhere? if I defend myself and my family I could get in trouble for doing that because I have my medical card?

  • shall not be infringed

  • So can you carry your ccw in Florida with a medical card if you got the concealed first?

  • Has the law changed?

  • Sounds like HB broke every law in the book
    Without the 10% for the big Gy

  • Yea this law is obviously not being enforced. . Or rather selective enforcement. . . Bc we have MULTIPLE! Multiple! Videos of joe Rogan being gifted,buying,shooting,OWNING! Firearms, and I know for a fact he was smoking whilst being gifted a gun! That was 4 yrs ago. . Not 1 but 3 states he did this in Denver,California,Texas. . . Let alone the other celebrities that was admitted to being weed user and own guns. .

  • So I can have a medical card and ccw as long as I don’t buy my firearm from a federal dealer only private party ?

  • WE NEED TO HAVE THIS BILL CHANGED! AND WE COULD EASYLY BASE IT OFF THE FACT PEOPLE CAN LEGALLY BUY ALCOHOL AND HAVE A GUN IN THE VEHICLE! AT SAME TIME AS LONG BOTTLE OR CAN IS NOT OPENED! MEANING THEY CAN AS EASILY BE DRUNK WHILE HAVING A CONCEALED FIREARM ON THEM OR IN THE VEHICLE< Marijuana on other hand atleast if the individual is high he is less likely to even pull the gun. Because he or she is usally a more peaceful state of mind based of statics. Rather then like a drunk who usally becomes more aggravated also based on statics. We all know this < WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH OUR GOVERNMENT??? I THOUGHT WE GOING TO BE FIXING ISSUES LIKE THESE!

  • I say this should be like alcohol if you drinking or already under the influence you should not have your gun if you not smoking or under the influence you should be able to have it

  • This is a year old had this law changed anything sense this video????

  • I think the state and the government need to get their shit together that’s what I think

  • So asoon as the medical card is expired I can continue to purchase arms ?

  • Thanks Nixon

  • What if you have/buy a gun and concealed license, don’t smoke, later on get a medical license and begin smoking?

  • Good Job

  • I got a question what if you already own it before you get your mmj card?

  • Cards expire every year. Buy during the inbetweens

  • Jus because you have a card doesn’t mean you smoke drugs.

  • Alcohol is way worse than pot!

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