Five Things Medical Marijuana Won't Tell You | Medical Marijana

Five Things Medical Marijuana Won't Tell You | Medical Marijana

Americans may be able to legally smoke marijuana for their health in nearly half the country, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe from the long arm of the federal …


Wall Street Journal


  • Sapphire medical cannabis is disgusting. Worst weed I ever had. I suppose when the corporations get involved quality and safety goes out the window

  • Many of these issues have been solved

  • Im making what looks like a miraculous recovery from a bad neurological condition that arose from a car accident. I’ve gone from needing a wheelchair and not being able to breathe without pain to weightlifting!

  • A lot of good information here. I would like to say on the pain aspect, most of the time when somebody says they’re in pain they’re probably in pain. It’s kind of the same argument with anxiety because it’s some thing that’s not visible physically. Every case is different, some people have a very negative reaction to medical marijuana. I know for me I am allergic to anesthetic as well as pain pills. A lot of times I wish there was an option for me to just take a pop pill because I don’t do well on pain medication. I also don’t do well on anxiety medication or anesthetic. I have severe anxiety coming off of these. For some reason pot doesn’t give me anxiety. So I’d much rather take the pot

  • It can't tell you anything it's a plant and they don't tell anyone anything.


  • I want those 4:05 minutes of my life back and I want it in the form of a blunt

  • Sorry you lost me on "the data is just not there yet" that's code for – You can't just talk yet.

  • Thank you George Lucas, that was informative.

  • Hearing him say this in 2022 I’m like blasphemy

  • Grow more illegal weed people

  • GOD,, this guy is so full of himself.
    Saying alot of nothing for attention.

  • I thought he was George Lucas lol.

  • Let's talk about how much it costs to produce medications and what the profit is. Then let's talk about the opioid crisis.

  • Propaganda

  • The Medical Marijuana out here in Florida is really weak. The buds look beautiful! They have crystals and everything but no smell. You smoke it and you don't get high! Trulieve says some of there weed has 37% THC so I smoke it and nothing! It seems like they extract all the good stuff to make concentrates and give you the leftovers then lie about the potency of the flower! I got my Card but still buy my stuff from the black market!

  • 👆👆👆 His a legit kush and coke vendor with good delivery service nationwide. Am blessed dealing with you

  • Them buds look fake as f

  • Omg so dramatic lol 😂

  • Does your stupidity ever embarrass you?

  • That guy’s hair is phenomenal

  • Taking this for pain is an actual legitimate good reason.

  • Legalise it.

  • credit card companies are scam. very good that they do not stick they white noses into cannabiz biz!

  • Fart

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