First medical marijuana dispensaries open in Georgia

First medical marijuana dispensaries open in Georgia

For the Wages family of Paulding County, the green ribbon that he helped cut Friday outside metro Atlanta’s first medical …


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  • This is stupid if u cant buy flower..hell u can get delta pins that have pretty much the same level as there selling

  • Why they want u to get a doctor prescription for non-toxic weed when alcohol,firearms,tobacco sales r unlimited and deadly?? Police state policies gotta come to an end. Flower power time

  • They Played Y'all

  • Should keep buying off the street there screwing you 5% thc at most street bud is 15% minimum.

  • People in Georgia don’t smoke flower cannabis like the rest of the states in the union ❤

  • They took 8 years and you can’t buy flower medicines seems to me they wasted 8 years talking and taking bribes from Tru Leaf at least it’s not Curaleaf and the Russians first to open.😢

  • No news here

  • Is this CBD OIL ?

  • Wack

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