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  • safe from police violence

  • Peace and Justice to all my brothers and sisters who had their lives and dreams stomped out in prison, and dickhead cops because of marijuana charges in the last 30 years. We use to smoke in anxiety , hiding, and fear in the n.y.c streets, in the 90's. Law enforcement would act like you were a crack dealer over a Blunt, while they would give white kids tickets for smoking. Now Corporate America has taken over the cannabis Industry , and you can get permits for safe spaces to smoke. Free all Cannabis prisoners, and expunge all records.

  • Lol not the first of its kind at all

  • Well it’s about damn time but damn you can’t be a regular civilian who enjoys weed you have to be a patient still very regulated if you ask me,

  • Um so don't care why is this news 😂

  • This is not the first of its kind. These places have been in CA for years, like The Headroom Gallery. They had a full bar with dab-rigs, female bud tenders, comedy shows each week, various weed vendors, DJ's, and they had a hydraulic press machine if you wanted to press your weed for extract.

  • Sounds like a set up you better have a designated driver when you leave!!

  • I'm from Los Angeles south central they been having these lol called a legal trap house

  • Louisiana next

  • Thats where all the water went

  • It’s like a Hookah lounge but for weed 😎

  • This is something that doesn't need to exist

  • All these new marijuana smokers are funny thinking they are going to cash in on concepts. What stoner wants to be away from the comforts of home and around a bunch of annoying strangers?

  • Have to sit there for an hour after? Why not smoke outside? Lol

  • I got neckpain, backpain, dickpain, painpain – just gimme my wee…

  • Oh booooooo. I thought they would supply you w/the weed like a bar or dispensary. This is so uptight, I’d rather smoke at home🙄

  • Nice

  • That's BS, why in the f you want to pay someone money to light a joint there when you can do it at home for free or play video games or a movie and dinner with a friend or go out to get something to bit after smoking, plus why show the whole world your a Marijuana user. Think don't be dumb. why open one to use your stress medicine, pain killers 🤔 you see how stupid idea it is. Shaking my head.🤷🤦 You go in those places so they can dictate and they might even call the cops on you, stupid in all forms.

  • Makes sense no complaints about the smell

  • Who else going 😂

  • Nj Weedman did it first

  • So what do they sell? Do you pay to get in? Are you literally paying to be in a space with strangers getting high? Sounds like a scam and a disaster waiting to happen lol.

  • It’s people for many reasons 😊

  • The satanic state of America . It will o ly bring destruction on itself.
    Read about sodom, pompei and the dead sea

  • have to stop 30 mints before you can leave. yea hard pass on this.

  • Does your dog have glacomer cause he looks high as fuck

  • Nice idea ..but too many rules

  • Soon as leave they gonna pull you over. Montgomery co.

  • Lets face it the state of maryland needs as much tax revenue as needed no matter what the source .The next lounge is a legal prostitution lounge where professional gentleman or corporate men can meet sex workers to engage in sexual safe activity in the afternoon to alleviate stress from a hard days work.

  • It's a beautiful idea, but it seems pointless with all the red tape. I do feel it's a step in the right direction, until it is federally deregulated and all stipulations are removed, nobody who medicated in this manner can truly feel safe and comfortable partaking in a public environment. In small private circles we will always feel safer from prosecution by law enforcement, while at an open venue where we are supposed to feel comfortable may still be audited by authorities at random to verify our ability to enjoy said venue

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