First Impressions – Skincare Line from NikkieTutorials "Nimya" Skincare??

First Impressions – Skincare Line from NikkieTutorials "Nimya" Skincare??

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Cassandra Bankson


  • Always liked Nikkie but this was kinda hard to watch, pretty cringey

  • It’s funny because she spoke with Iggy saying she’s too scared to launch a brand. Next video: launches brand

  • I was waiting for this reaction video!!😆❤

  • I just wanna know where she got that moon earring she has in her right ear. I love it lol Totally unrelated

  • Girl not the Charmin KK pic 😭😆💀 (I think that was KK)

  • I personally would only buy the eye stick as i have really puffy under eyes in the morning. The rest of the brand still doesn’t sound as well thought out as she makes it. I personally would like it if she knew a little more about skincare and would fully know what shes talking about without having to read it off of paper. But is it the worst brand ever? No nothing like kylie skin that is purely just walnuts with kylies name on it. I get the concept behind the prep before makeup but if i want a primer I’ll buy a $8 elf primer. If i want a moisturizer ill buy my 16oz advanced clinicals hyaluronic acid one for $20. Setting sprays are like $8 on morphe. I just dont see the need to spend $20 more on something with almost the exact ingredient list. And lastly CELEBRITIES/INFLUENCERS NEED TO STOP WITH THE SKINCARE LINES!! WE HAVE PLENTY!!!

  • Maybe it's just me, using sympathy to sell products. Let the products efficacy speak, not because I used my own money so help me not to go broke..hard pass

  • Next will be jeffree star skin care line launch…

  • Iggy Azalea on her channel😍

  • The blue oil reminds me of Glossier's Future Dew, which I enjoy in the winter for a pop of glow and additional moisture. Might have to give Nikkie's oil a try just because it seems similar and a bit more fun.

  • I won’t be buying. I hate when these influencers or celebs make skincare lol

  • She isn't selling me on this at all. Specially a person who uses a ton of filters on her skin! I would treat these as makeup products more than skincare products. So it's a big NO! I don't see skincare fanatics buying this. Maybe nikki or makeup fanatics 🤣. And I think they made the blue so it could get some tiktok fame which is a smart marketing move!

  • Did you reach out to her? She offered up PR sets for all y'all!!

  • feels like the kind of skincare thats specific to making makeuplook good. for example, using certain serums and oils that make my skin feel good, but makeup slips on top is a struggle. this seems like less skincare and more makeup prep skincare and i might be sold on it not gonna lie. as long as its advertised as such.

  • this definitely feels right for her to do. it's her time!

  • i don’t think it’s a cash grab, but it is like…we really don’t need more skincare lines 😂 but i’m not someone who wears base makeup so this line isn’t meant for me. i’m glad it’s not TOO expensive as well, i was expecting her to go for luxury prices tbh

  • I think she’ll do great

  • To be honest, I really liked her presentation, but she made it appear as if she was the one who created this stuff but she clearly has NO clue. She couldnt even talk about the extracts without reading the script. I am wondering, who really came up with the idea. To me, all of this looks old fashioned. There is nothing really new or convincing in it and when I read that there is a lot of alcohol and phenoxyethanol in that serum primer, I couldnt believe my ears. Also I laughed out loud when she talked about the scent and that they tried to be gentle with the perfume. I mean, they have added so many scents that nobody prone to senstivie skin could ever use it. The ingredients list of all those products looks sooo lame. Initially I was expecting that she came up with something new and supercool, but it is just average. I know cheaper drugstore brands that have come up with then times more innovative products. It is seriously disappointing.

  • I want a video on beauty brands and funding.

  • after watching this video it solidifies my opinion that your delivery is shit. You are not a bad person and you are very knowledgable but i never want to watch your videos again. You are really talking about something and you make it sound like an absolute horrible thing and this is why you don't get pr not because you are "brutally honest". You can be honest without sounding condescending and know-it-all. And yes maybe you do know it all but damn it has never been a video where you don't come off as the only person that knows anything about skincare.

  • It's not what I need in my skincare routine, but Nikki is seemingly a really nice person, so I think it's great to support her company.

  • Jennifer Aniston only has a hair product!

  • Me too I developed extreme redness in the past couple years. I never had acne I never had so many pimples in my life. So much redness, I don’t like the glow recipe pineapple 🍍 serum.

  • The colors are very strange. I don’t know blue and red/orange? The fan reminds me of a fan I’d get from a happy meal. And I don’t know if it’ll be like that it’s just the color combos that make me think of it. Idk why are Dutch colors red/blue/organgy red? Also what does she mean diff types of oils doesn’t she use so many products

  • I remember that smash box item because I broke the glass bottle within two weeks of having it. I was so upset like I JUST SPENT 45$ on this and it helps. I got a new one eventually. Have not used it for years.

  • I think she was burned by too faced a while ago I heard about it

  • The packaging is tacky. Looks like clairs makeup or something.

  • Ugly packaging, cake and drag faced endorser. NOPE

  • I have been saying this sh*t for years. With alllllll celebs and I’m curious about angel investors. Also what is a crash grab vs wanting to make more money? Like I don’t get that. Is everything we do that’s hard work not to generate income?

  • I don’t get how lady Gaga can say that cuz didnt she come out w hers like a year or two ago

  • No brand can be a good match for every single human being in the entire world. This is why we have so many brands.

  • But she actually did release not only this hybrid skincare-makeup line but also an eyeshadow palette. It was a colab with some other brand.

  • I’m excited to hear your thoughts!! Have you heard that Mad About Skincare (uk skincare yt) has launched 3 products, I would love your thoughts especially the serum which sounds great for red skin

  • OMG I have the scratch your skin and spell your name in red stripes trick (I used to show my friends in grammar school!) I did not know there was a name for it. Yes, it can be irritating. Everything makes me red and I hate it!! Thanks for this video. I am running to look up this condition.

  • So her manager is a crappy human. Got it

  • Beautiful packaging but I can go to target and get some elf or NYX products that will have the same purpose and antioxidants in them for the fraction of the price. None of these products are as revolutionary she claims they are. Also no proven actives.

  • Ugh i can’t stand him. Yes Nikki.

  • It'll be a flop.

  • Imagine Cassandra having her own skincare line 🎊🎊

  • Cassandra…
    1.7 fl oz is not 30ml.
    1 fl oz equals 30ml.
    1.7 fl oz equals 50ml.

    1 ml is approximately 30 drops, though this can change depending on the size of the dropper.
    You made the mistake around 19:1519:30, and that was the 2nd time.
    Math is hard, love you anyway.

  • The vibe I get is that this line is authentic and isn't just another celebrity skincare line. If it was just a cash grab she wouldn't have put her own money in it and would have partnered with investors. But she didn't because it didn't feel right for her and that shows that shows her intuitiveness. That takes guts because it's a BIG risk. Also it seems a lot of thought went into the products and the design packaging to create unique and useful products. I'm interested in purchasing (especially that gorgeous serum!) but like with all skincare launches, I like to wait until others have tried them so I can check the reviews first.

  • Cassandra's confussion, lol! Love it. 21:49

  • Can you do an inpression on Item beauty by adisson rae

  • I think when Nikki says she got burned, she’s talking about the too faced cosmetics brand collab. they ripped her off real bad. look into it. ✨❤️

  • Hi… One of your avid fan from the. Phillipines 😊😊.. Hope you can also give a review to one of the beauty products in the phill. We have a lot of rejuvinating set circulating in the market .. Thank you,😘😘

  • Really, a fan in skincare line?! Another unnecessary plastick in our world

  • Even Kylie removed her make up to demo her products, it would have been nice if nikkie actually used them on camera.

  • I was waiting for you to talk about this. I am super super mixed on the launch. But mainly for two reasons. The blue dye in the serum and the fan….and that’s just because it’s a fan

  • I love nikki SO MUCH. I’m excited for it, not exactly bc of the ingredients, i can’t even use it hahaha, I just wish the best for her and I feel the authenticity in her video.

  • Omg I love your hair right now 💕🤚🏻

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