EXTENDED – Dr. Oz Talks Sleep, Medical Marijuana, High Blood Pressure, & Health Tips for 2019

EXTENDED – Dr. Oz Talks Sleep, Medical Marijuana, High Blood Pressure, & Health Tips for 2019

NBC 6 digital reporter Brandon Lopez sat down with Dr. Mehmet Oz to talk about health and wellness in the New Year, covering …


NBC 6 South Florida


  • Try just Eating the flower instead of smoking it .

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  • Can you make a episode about Cbd oil

  • Holy crap. I just did my blood pressure at Walmart it read 190/120. The pharmacist freaked out and check with his cuff. And got almost the same reading. I told him i would be right back. Went in the parking lot smoked a joint. Went back in. Then it read 160/ 70. He was amazed when i told him i smoked in the parking lot. He stated he looked at the plant allot differently now

  • 😮oh! WOW! To reverse our meals backwards! Thanks for all of these information, Dr. Oz😊

  • Yeah no, Oz… go away please

  • FAKE. Goodbye

  • amazing video

  • “Dr” Oz is no more a “doctor” than my cat! I wouldn’t even take advice from him on how to cross the street.

  • Great advice. I'm Caribbean and it's hard for me to sleep in a cold room, if it's hot I fall asleep and it's harder to wake.

  • My GOD this man face looks PLASTIC (SURGERY)

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  • Dr. Oz = debunked quack

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  • Dr. Money

  • Ofcourse his name is Dr Oz 😂😂😂😂😂

  • This man is fake and is known for stealing other YouTubers content / information and claiming it as his own ‼️

  • Hello doctor I want to ask will non thc hemp oil help with blood pressure I take 10 mg of amlodpine please help?

  • Anyone else read this as Dr Ounce?

  • My problem is I get so hungry when I’m
    Trying to go to sleep and I’m forced to eat something. Oh well.

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  • Agree with Rob below, his eye brows are proper mad.

  • Great … now I feel like pizza

  • The eyebrows throw me off

  • Thank you dr Oz you are a great doctor for putting the patient first

  • Marijuana is bad for you

  • This is a nice video!

  • Esto no funciona quiero poner la noticia americana y puedo

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