Esthetician reacts to Kylie Jenner’s new 2023 simple skincare routine on Vogue Beauty Secrets

Esthetician reacts to Kylie Jenner’s new 2023 simple skincare routine on Vogue Beauty Secrets

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Cassandra Bankson


  • I am so glad I found your channel. I'm 35 and have had horrible acne for over 20 years 😢. On my chest and back as well. I have huge pores and ice pic acne scarring on my back and my face. About applying makeup the only way I can get my foundation to not look awful is if I use my fingers to apply it. I have tried everything and it looks horrendous. I just make sure my hands are super clean. 🤷.. I love your content! I'm learning so much ! 💓

  • So, is SuperGoop! sunscreen good? I use it every morning. 7:48

  • Why her lips look like that

  • her skin color looks vibrant and beautfiul how can I achieve that Im pale 🙁

  • My pet peeve is that she she never explains the ingredients or the benefits etc. By simply saying ‘hey guys – I’m obsessed with this product dosent cut it’
    And for that reason I suspect that she dosent use her own products

  • Unpopular opinion – I actually like her cream for morning. I buy it with 20% promotions when available and for my super dry skin it is perfect base under foundation. No rolling, no nothing

  • Is it me or does Her lips look krazy lol looking like she got punched in the lips lol

  • Ok ,I have only found 1sunscreen i like i really wanted to like supergoop unseen Sunscreen but after i use it a few days i always break out and others i have tried i cant get away from white face ,but first aid beauty mineral Sunscreen it actually goes on white but it actually blends in but im almost out and i would like another good option ,whats your suggestion my empress of skincare

  • She’s a billionaire. Someone believes her. Stop being jealous.

  • Lip botoxed . She's too young for that shit.

  • Hey..stop touching your face.. it is hard ,I know but your skin will thank you.

  • Kylie jenners smile lines are defo filtered smooth lol, and Kylie is trying to copy hailey beiber with her glazing fluid where she mixes other products, so mixing the moisturiser with foundation is been copied off hailey

  • She has a filter

  • I want to catch hold of Cass and tell her the whole Selena/Hailey/Kylie drama!!!! Someone tell her before I lose my mind each time she references it and says she doesn't know the storrrrry!!!

  • PLEASE. STOP. LISTENING. TO. THIS. WOMAN. I’ve yet to see her approve of ANY SINGLE PRODUCT or individuals routine. Enough with the three syllable words and medical terminology. She will never approve of Kylie’s products or routine because she doesn’t like Kylie. Bottom line, try products for yourself to see if they work for you. Everyone’s skin is different and this “medical esthetician” is NOT the authority on skincare. 🤡🤡🤡

  • Kylie every time she says "I love you guys"… I have a new product 🤣

  • Unfortunately, I can't trust much the Kardashians/ Jenners say about beauty bc of previous lies and manipulation. I do have empathy for Kylie and believe she will mature and hopefully become more comfortable in her skin and therefore authentic. Not gonna buy her stuff nor will I be purchasing anything with their name on it. There are just better products out there made my more trusting companies

  • The puffy stung-by-bees look in my honest opinion is HORRIFIC.The fact that Kylie is anyone's idol is just sad.

  • I literally can’t hear her. I wish someone would tell her to speak tf up

  • There´s no way she only use two products, she need to stop lying to the people who buy her products


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