The Cannabis Conversation


  • The future is stale over dry irradiated cannabis yay.

  • The host and Professor Mike Barnes and are ignoring the NHS Long Term Plan. The fact that the NHS is no longer going to offer comprehensive healthcare to the population, NHS will be basic and emergency care only. The NHS is now transforming into 42 differently structured Integrated Care Systems based on American for-profit Medicare/Medicaid and HealthCare.Gov plans Managed Care/Accountable Care Organisations (MCOs, ACOs). This will lead to disintegration, removal and restriction of services, downskilling of the workforce with different rates of pay in the 42 ICSs, and denial of care for profits. This is the same model of care that's utlised by Kaiser Permanente. Effectively, the less care an Integrated Care Systems gives, the more money an Integrated Care Systems makes. This is why we should not expect Cannabis on the NHS. The only way this will happen is if the NHS is renationalised back to the orignal far superior Beveridge model of care.

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