Efficacy of Medical Cannabis for the Treatment of Dystonia: Saar Anis, MD

Efficacy of Medical Cannabis for the Treatment of Dystonia: Saar Anis, MD

I can say that the results were pretty good because more than 50% of patients reported, subjectively of course, that they gained …


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  • I developed generalized Dystonia after taking a prescription of trazadone for a year. It was prescribed after I suffered a cardiac arrest and stroke in 2019 May 31. I’ve tried a few muscle relaxers and I can say without a doubt that the only thing that works for me is 5mg edible hybrid thc. We need to really push for more studies so our medical insurance will cover it. All the prescriptions cause horrible side effects such as Dystonia 😢 because of this I’m still in therapy trying to walk without a walker and assistance

  • Having dystonia and a marijuana script made doctors worse than unhelpful to me.

    I struggled for a long time, but I always told my doctors marijuana was the only thing that worked and I explained it restored healthy feeling to my withered up hand. At this point doctors would stop listening and offer something like abilify to treat my issues with marijuana… morons!

    Every one of the doctors that told me I wouldn’t recover discouraged marijuana use, in response I cranked up the dose until I could hold the ticks in, eventually learning to fight through them.

    Like the researcher points out, I found CBD helpful but THC was a true godsend and now that I’m forgetting the damaged neurons I understand why. When THC hits the mind it becomes hard to use the body’s neural pathways in the same way you always have. For dystonia patients it becomes harder for the brain to remember the old damaged pathways and easier to try and accomplish a task in a new way. I pushed this so far that Im now forgetting the dystonia, im back to lifting heavy weights at the gym, and im no longer smoking pot around the clock just as needed.

    This disease is highly treatable and modern medicine is under serving patients because it fears hallucinogens. Doctors need to start putting their bias aside and start looking at the science. Also once I was starting to learn to move again I started microdosing legally and my recovery sped up by at least 3x. Out of the 12 doctors and two hospital teams that couldn’t help me, I do have one chiropractor that I continue to work with cuz he doesn’t give me hard time for wanting to recover and he’s the one getting to watch a miracle take place! It shouldn’t be hard for me to talk about a medicine which I am legally prescribed but I have even had my insurance billed for treatment for addiction to marijuana. Idiot “doctors” are 100% standing in the way of science and making their patients lives far worse by closing themselves off to the possibility that a plant could be helpful when drugs aren’t.

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  • Microdosing RSO( Rick Simpson oil) really helps reduce my symptoms of generalized Dystonia.

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