• The doctor that is AGAINST it just said I quote "of course it's not as bad as alcohol"…then goes on to say it should be illegal. WTF, if alcohol is way worse than weed, and it's legal…then you just took you point and shit on it. LOL. I love how they explain how they tried it once..and didn't like the way it made them anxious. You just need to smoke it more than once…just like the first time you drank alcohol. You probably got sick and didn't like it, same concept. After the first time, the second, third time and so on…you won't feel that way, only your first time "trying it." I've never talked to someone who said they tried weed and fell in love with it. Nobody really like's their first time, just one of those things.

  • I want alternative medicine I'm looking for a Doctor in Miami when you fine they shars 400.00 dollars I have Medicare and Medicaid living in housing can effort 🙂

  • My 💓wish for Florida 2020 Trump 😍and the Legalization of Marijuana 😍 🤗 thanks to Ron D Santis 🤩🤗 🤩

  • This is by far the worse case of government sticking their nose in what we do with our bodies, marijuana has never been proven to do any warm to people, in fact, research and science has proven to benefit us. The fact that we viewed marijuana as Taboo for so many years is nonsense

  • because sanjay is most uneducated doctors.he is just a paid mouthpiece.he has no power in his brain.he is so dumb its funny.WEED is GOOD.SIMPLE.

  • I use Cannibis for Cronic Pain. I was able to REPLACE Oxycodone and Morphine with it. CBD Oil has also made my alergies lessen, and my blood work has had ANA for 9 years and after a few weeks of CBD Oil it has gone away.

  • Sanjay is no prophet, he simply wants to profit.

  • 80 years of government brainwashing against cannabis won't go away Dr. S still refuse to give medical Marijuana is rediculas if you consume canabis through injestion it really does work on pain and does not give you the high u get when u smoke it it's just to bad my Dr. Refuses to treat my pain I've been having chronic pain for 5 years without a prescription just advised to waste money on Tylenol, ale eve, advil,Voltaren which don't help but canabis does and I can't afford to treat with canabis

  • WE ALL KNOW CNN IS FAKE NEWS! Sanjay is a quack

  • 2:30 lol I bet that dude was an actor

  • 6 years later people are still denied an organ. lets make money and fuck off the cause. sounds about right.

  • There's no difference between recreational or medical. Everyone who uses it is using it medically whether they know it or not. It's all about greed money and power with big pharmaceutical companies. When are people gonna realize that young people who want to get drugs will get them regardless if they're illegal or not. It should be legal across the board with no limits on how many plants you can grow. If they put a limit on how many plants then that's not really completely legal now isn't it? The difference is only pharmaceutical companies can make vicodin and anyone can grow weed so it's a money thing, a political thing, and they don't wanna lose their money from all their stupid pills. Weed had helped me get off of klonopin and methadone. 2 of the hardest drugs to come off of. So yes it's only a gateway to other drugs if you hang around drug addicts or by it from a street dealer. Which is all the more reason to legalize the shit. It's crazy that a bunch of rich people and politicians who were paid off make the distinction if something should be legal or not. It took all these years for people to wake up to cannabis? If addicts were taught that they can use weed to maintain staying away from harder drugs it would probably work cause it is working.

  • THC FREE Hemp Oil. Do your research. Check your ingredients. Learn more on a free tour.

  • You can’t patent any extracted juice of fruit, that's why pharm giant wants ban it and much interested in monopolized chemical drug
    Marijuana properties must have medicine value and best marijuana is that is grown naturally above 3000 feet sea level
    For purpose of use as tranquilizer occasionally marijuana that is grown in any area is suitable
    but keep in mind all person cannot not use it by smoke, likewise garlic, ginger do not suite to some people despite it has medical value ,
    Think it as medicine, not as wine and beer
    Once you are addicted to marijuana you cannot give up it.

  • Glad he changed his mind and apologized. It does so much damage when you inappropriately report and don’t do your homework. I can’t believe he trusted the DEA!

  • it helps people Jack- I see people benefit from CBD everyday, from anxiety to chronic pain,

  • That samuels guy is a idiot cannabis is non addictive people use it because they want to not because its addictive

  • Many studies were made little to no lung damage was found from cannabis if anything it helps lung capacity

  • it takes a good person to admit he or she was wrong…

  • This a doctor decency I was wrong now you’r

  • pretty sure Dr. Howard gets loaded to go to sleep at night and adds medication which causes him to keep his eyes closed and foggy.

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