EDS Awareness


  • I know Weedborn has the greatest CBD supplements around.

  • I use the medical cannabis for my irretractable pain. It does help with inflammation and to tolerate my pain. It does also help my anxiety and insomnia. I can not take nsaids so this is great for me. However it is expensive and I have to drive 2 hours to get it and 2 hours home which causes more pain.

  • Excellent information. Thanks so much for sharing with the worldwide EDS community.

  • What do you recommend for severe Gastro conditions, Gastroenteritis is a nasty disease with pain that never ends. And just gets worse, is spreading to small intestines.

  • I've been illegally using marijuana for the adrenaline rushes and nausea my pain causes ..it really helps but every Dr. I tell then consider me a drug seeker and refuse me any kind of pain medicine other than steroid injections that don't work and almost killed me. Csf loss. I will never lie to my drs. But it seems I will continue to suffer agonizing pain elsewise.

  • Thank you from EDS Today

  • Awesome

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