Sapphire Medical Clinics


  • I applied yesterday, seems like a great company, I hope we get to work together.

  • This very same doctor did a zoom appointment with me, she acted like she was not interested in what I had to say, like she didn't want to be there but was quick to tell me about costs involved for the cbd oils. Not for me!

  • Sapphires cannabis goes through a gamma radiation treatment 😱😱the red no 4 cannabis is horribleand gave me a crippling headache after only using a very small amount. I’m trying to discuss this with them and there just not replying.

  • My back pain isn’t completely gone but it’s significantly reduced and my quality of life has improved greatly. Thanks for helping me.

  • truly groundbreaking work and so well presented

  • I know someone now in a position to come off highly addictive pain killers that don't work any longer so getting onto a prescription for medical cannabis and seeing how it actually worked for pain we are amazed.

    It's not only THC but CBD combined in the correct dozes.

  • Live saving for me and my pain and many others and very understanding with great support for us all, thank you sapphire

  • Endless love and thank you for this, so much healthy validation and destigmatisation, can’t thank Sapphire enough for helping me manage chronic pain, you are life-givers breaking the pain cycle, it’s so valuable to have the whole life context discussed.

  • i am now free of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs that was poisoning my body for years , and now my pain and other issues are almost gone completely… thanks to sapphre clinic . you guys rock

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