Dozens line up to purchase first medical marijuana sales in Georgia

Dozens line up to purchase first medical marijuana sales in Georgia

Dozens of people formed a line outside Trulieve in Marietta, set to buy low-THC cannabis products. Another dispensary was …




  • Boy do those folks look ill😅😅😅😅

  • Welcome from Arizona! ❤

  • An up tick in crime will follow, just look at all the cities and states that legalize it. It's not medical if you smoke it, it the high these people want, lungs aren't designed to take in smoke. Everyone i know that uses it are useless and on government assistance, because they can get work.

  • Good ….. progress

  • If the worthless, lying, tax money wasting Federal Gubment who do absolutely nothing but pass laws to hinder humans from our full potential would do their phucking jobs and re schedule pot from Schedule I where PCP, cocaine and heroin exist to Schedule IV there wouldn't be all these problems passing legislation through ALL the States. Notice the Feds only act on the 'Supremacy Clause' if it is destroying people's lives who aren't even citizens? The Feds took Arizona to court in the Barry Obama years to stop their border enforcement. I got news for everyone. The US Federal Gubment is ALL IN on communism.

  • Next up: gardeners rights, no reason for this overpriced corporate controlled processed weed when its so ez to grow ur own. Why is the state of georgia enforcing this monopoly? Why do black people in michigan have more freedom than ga blacks, in 2023?? Think about it. Freedom

  • Look at all the naive people in the line thinks a drug can take their pain of life away😂😂😂😂

  • Georgia is going to turn into California a blue state 🤣

  • Can anybody purchase it

  • I watched Florida disintegrate with this. Georgia should be ashamed. Grow up people, Jr. High school is over. Get a job.

  • When you walk away from the only true God who is your healer, You embrace the devil for temporal remedy. America return to the one who made you great, for in him alone is your healing and sound health.

  • Did it smell the mold inside there body from smokeing and really decayed the parts .


  • Whoooohooooooo finally , another victory !!

  • I swear the rest of the country will have recreational before Tennessee has medical

  • Falling right in to the trap – Like sheep to the slaughter.

  • Only suckers! 🤡 Buy dope? 🤪

  • Awesome but we are so behind times

  • Crazy how when blacks sell weed it’s demonized. But when whites sell it nobody got a problem

  • #LFG ✊🏾⚡️💯

  • Society has always portrayed that black people only took stuff like that & were/are the only people locked up for it. I am seeing alot of pale people lined up 🧐🤮

  • Why are you calling it cannabis cannabis is nug aka flower it should be called the medical oil shop this is kinda mis leading

  • Yeah, they show the actual 1 case girl being in wheelchair needing medical marijuana, the other 99.99% bunch of nonsense/fraud

  • Itchy fingernail
    "Medical Marijuana" prescribed

  • I’m sure they’ve been lining up in other locations for years without a prescription😛

  • lmfao yea no.

  • Its 'medical' guys honest it is

  • Yea babaaay!!🎉🎉

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