Does a Medical Marijuana Card Affect Your Gun Rights?

Does a Medical Marijuana Card Affect Your Gun Rights?

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  • Yes it does. If you use cannabis at all, it disqualifies you federally to even posses ammo and even in some states like PA, a muzzle loading rifle.

  • so of they are going to do this then anyone who consumes alcohol shouldn't be allowed guns either.

  • >Does a Medical Marijuana Card Affect Your Gun Rights?

    Not any longer. LOL

  • how long does someone have to wait after surrendering a medical card before they can purchase a firearm?

  • Does getting a medical marijuana card nullify an NFA trust?

  • In Pennsylvania you instantly give up your right to possess a firearm if you get a medical marijuana card. In the beginning they were going around confiscating everybody’s weapons now they don’t do that they just don’t allow you to renew your concealed carry permit and they put you on the Nix system so you cannot purchase or possess a firearm anymore.

  • We have a BILL OF RIGHTS, this is ridiculous…straight from a treasonous, corrupt, illegitimate regime.

  • The government is so funny. Take away your rights and make you buy them back. All permits are a scheme.

  • Someone got busted in ME a few years ago for lying about use and where he lived. He got 8 months in Federal prison. So yes, they will make an example out of you if they want to.

  • how long after surrendering medical card am i allowed to purchase a firearm

  • You can have 1 right and another right but you can’t have both rights at the same time??

  • "Shall not be infringed." How do they not understand this?

  • What if the card expires?

  • Hmmm … Opioid Epidemic: check. Medical Marijuana Epidemic: still waiting.

  • What about the part of having to wait a year after canceling your medical card to be able to purchase from an ffl? I’ve noticed it says either a year from when you last used or a year from relinquishment or expiration. If the card hasn’t been canceled for a full year but you haven’t used within a year could you still pass a background check

  • It always go to federal laws

  • 😎👍👌🖖✌🤓

  • What happen to armed attorney?

  • States shouldn’t be doing the feds job.

  • California says: You use-you lose Obviously anti-constitutional

  • What about the situation where you got a marijuana card, but never purchased any marijuana?

  • Oklahoma passed a law allowing both.

  • Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The unalienable God given rights of every human. With the right to life comes the right to defend your life in a life threatening situation by any means necessary, and the right to proper medial care that's authorized by a licensed practitioner.

  • Not sure how old this video is. But as a Texas peace officer, I can definitely tell you that marijuana is now legal here.

  • Based on your analysis, if I were ever to use illegal drugs, I'd definitely plan on invoking the Hunter Biden drug use defense (since it's worked so well for him). Or does your pop have to be a VP or POTUS for that to work? It's all so, so confusing.

  • Never admit substance use

  • First question out of his mouth… aaaaand she laughs.

  • 5 second video = will it? I dunno

  • Buy guns first. Shall not be infringed.

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