Dinner and drinks? Marijuana and a meal, in West Hollywood

Dinner and drinks? Marijuana and a meal, in West Hollywood

Today is April 20, otherwise known as “420,” an unofficial holiday celebrated by some cannabis fans. Dinner and drinks could …




  • If something shouldnt be legal until all risks have been elucidated then why have alcohol and tobacco been legal for all this time? Doesn’t someone at an academic institution realize it is federal illegality prohibiting the very research hes requesting?

  • It amazes me how much people like weed .I don't smoke but if you do then I'm not against it but does everything you do need to include weed? I'm more impressed that you guys can keep a job

  • Bring this to sf bay area!!!😮

  • aye yo CBS LA you ain't be ree porting on Pookie an Ray Ray

  • Im a chef, and man all I want is a weed cafe restaurant diner.

  • To to to today jr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What’s next? Butt plugs you say lol

  • The US Government will not allow them to do research…..

  • Yum

  • We already know the effects, plenty of research has been done, y’all just don’t know how to listen to the people other than clueless lawmakers/politicians

  • Of course the Latina calls it marijuana

  • Happy 420! But toking up before dinner? That could be a disaster…not for the restaurant, for the guy with the incurable munchies…
    Oh my, i live in a backwards southern state, sigh, just decrim and only in a few places… Prohibition lives…

  • I hope they have some sort of security cause with all the smash and grab crimes happening like the plague, this establishment looks like it would get hit bad.

  • Another gross enabler that the democratic liberal administration want to control you…telling you what that want and you must deal with it!

  • yes please, weed cafes

  • Fox News: "We literally lied to you."

    Fox Viewers: "NO YOU DIDN'T!"

  • Grow your own!

  • Really? One can smoke this indoors? In California? Hypocrites.

  • Momma said,Pappas said-SHUTUPPA YU FACE.

  • 🔥

  • Deschedule and decriminalize it EVERYWHERE!!!! TONS of benefits proven by science!!!

  • I was there doing a job some time ago..visited this store…they are so normal about it…WEHO is so normal about homos and marijuana users…it's like the devil flipped the morals there upside down

  • Now that’s a bad idea, mixing weed and alcohol is all bad. Some people will get even more cross faded

  • Marijuana makes you lazy and can cause psychosis. It is still considered a gateway drug.
    Why don’t they just legalize cocaine at clubs?
    Politicians always trying to make money over humans health 😞

  • LGBT friendly?

  • The devil’s lettuce

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