Delaware prepares to legalize recreational marijuana, residents excited over new prospects

Delaware prepares to legalize recreational marijuana, residents excited over new prospects

Delaware prepares to legalize recreational marijuana, residents excited over new prospects READ: …


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  • In the Meantime the German Legalization failed because our Politicians are incompetent and have no Balls to push it through. The opposite Site in Politics (CDU Party) and Society is still very strong
    When we are lucky we get a half baked Decriminalization with 25g and 3 Plants

  • I grew up in Delaware I live in Houston now. That's good to hear Texas show they never gonna do it

  • uk is way behind

  • lucky

  • Welcome to modern civilization Delaware! ~Oregon

  • I CAN'T believe this is still illegal in some states! Wow I feel bad for them.

  • In oregon, you used to only be allowed to purchase 2 grams of expensive recreational Cannabis per day (or it was 5 grams, I forget) but now you can purchase 1 oz of Cannabis per day & have on you in public.

  • I live in a red state, im so jealous the freedoms these other states have.

  • I always wondered how it’s like living in Delaware, I live in San Diego

  • How about they stop threatening peaceful people with violence to force them to obey and pay like slaves?

  • weeds bees legals?

  • I'm curious to see if the state allows cultivation. THAT would be freaking awesome.

  • Thanks slowpokes

  • In NY they are messing up. The taxes put the price well over $400 an ounce. On the street its in the $200 range per ounce. In NY you are better getting a med card for as little as $100 on line and go to a medical only place like CuraLeaf. Their periodic sales are in the low $200 range, I assume because they are in a number of states and grow their own product reducing overhead.


  • Bit of common sense at last

  • Delaware follows in the footsteps of other states that have done the same thing. And they will end up in the same place.

  • I'm taking a fat Dab while watching this Cheers everyone…

  • It's mind blowing that there are still people in this world that are willing to violently subdue anyone in possession of a plant that doesn't cause any harm to anyone, aka police. If someone can be a cop in a state where cannabis is illegal, that person does not have a conscience.

  • according to the news the east is bad right so does the east coast count in with them lol. what about the western part of Europe is that the east?

  • Wise choice.

  • Dispensaries are cool the first 2 or 3 times. Then you realize it is way cheaper to just keep getting it from the streets and usually the quality is better too.

  • Are people really this dumb to be against legalization at this point? Look at all the positive things it's done for other states. This is the green rush and people need to get on board.

  • One plant can make alot more then a oz….

  • Recreational marijuana sucks. Just 14% THC

  • 👍 In New Mexico we can grow it. Should be free to grow this plant.

  • I signed the nation wide petition to legalize. I also have a license to kill.

  • now delaware is a narco dumb. how sad

  • Funny how something becomes legal once the government gets its piece of the cut. Almost like a gangster.

  • Go Delaware!

  • Come on North Carolina let's get us the medicine we need

  • Indiana will be the last state to legalize. Dumb old politicians

  • When is the Federal Government going to legalize it.

  • I love how these pompous old ball sacks think they're in a position to educate the public about marijuana consumption when the public has been using weed right under their noses since the beginning of time. All they're doing is diverting money flow from arrests and fines to a consistent weed tax which is like giving themselves a raise. Nothing about this decision was made with your benefit in mind.

  • Хорошо товар 👍👌🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿

  • States that won't legalize like Ohio Texas these are CORRUPTION areas. Believe it or not it's a new player entry they are fearing and that's a threat to the controlling status quo.❤🇺🇲🤫

  • Hemp when used in the right was has several benefits…

  • Who cares

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