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  • Can't grow your own in a farming state interesting and only 30 license this is ridiculous people in nyc people can grow in apartments and plans for rooftop gardens…..

  • Why can't ppl grow their own?

  • First

  • Legalize cannabis federally within each and every state. This way, irrational prohibitionist politicians can't obstruct and prevent legalization against the will of the vast majority of Americans whom support full federal cannabis legalization nationwide. Treat cannabis exactly like we treat far more dangerous and deadly yet perfectly legal alcohol. Legal in all states.

  • I actually agree with the Governer about something: It's absolutely futile and a complete waste of any politician's time to worry about citizens consuming cannabis and trying desperately to maintain prohibition.

    Because it's silly and the vast majority of voters across the entire country strongly support full cannabis legalization nationwide. Politicians would be very wise to stop fighting legalization. Before it costs an ignorant politician his or her career.

  • Playing catch up behind Jersey and Maryland.

  • A true hypocrite is someone who has a cup of coffee in their hand talking negative about weed … Caffeine is the gateway drug !

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